Bell & TELUS Canada announce they will be offering the next generation wireless network for the iPHONE by November 2009, making the device more readily available means prices may drop in the long run but not anytime soon. This move will put pressure on Rogers but it also puts pressure on BELL & TELUS to deliver 100% up time with their Wireless Networks across Canada.

BELL & TELUS said their partnership would allow them to split the approximate $1-billion construction cost and to get to market sooner rather than later.

I’m certain BELL & TELUS have watched closely how Rogers not only rolled out the product but how supported and delivered wireless service throughout Canada. Rogers has enjoyed a Canadian monopoly and one of the hottest products of the mobile age.

Get ready for more competition and hopefully lower prices for the iPHONE in Canada sometime in 2010, OK I’m hoping but still happy to see an option other than Rogers. Here are links to the announcement via BNN & Globe & Mail