Back on October 15th, 2009 I wrote a bitty called, ” Are Real Estate Agents Obsolete?“. I have taken a lot of heat for it, but those who attacked couldn’t see past the anger. My point was simple, change or be ignored, the role is changing, but many have chosen to continue as they always have, That’s OK.

Another challenge, is getting Agents to learn a better way to use Social Media Networks to, well….do business better. You will find I’m not alone on this, some agents are actually doing a good job, but most I’m sorry to report, are thinking old school. I could go on and on about this, but there’s no need, I will however let marketing man share with you, his name is Scott Stratten. Please take this as an opportunity to make some subtle changes in how you the Real Estate Agent uses Social Media & QR Codes.

Here’s Scott:

What do you think? has Scott nailed you, or better yet, did he give you some good ideas? Is he right, is wrong, or are we barking up the wrong tree? Be honest with yourself if you are in Real Estate, look in the mirror, are you that agent, or are you different?

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