First off let me confess, I am an Internet Junkie, I make my living mostly because of the Internet. Having said that, I could probably still survive without the NET, but I doubt it, I would have no way of proving my work. Imagine if say Big Brother decided the Internet should be turned off, unplugged! What would you do? Worse yet, what would happen if every computer was confiscated from every home? You’re right, that’s just plain stupid!

I mean, how would Generation G’s and Zoomers survive without the Internet, without technology period? Those two demographics are going to turn the world upside down, it’s already happening. The rules are being re-written, broken and frankly destroyed by innovation and new ways of getting things done. In fact, they don’t care what we older generations think, they don’t even want to discuss how we used to do things, they just want to do what they want to do whether it works or doesn’t. They behave like a Venture Capital firm would, just keep doing something until it scores big time financially on the Internet.

The idea of an organization turns their stomach, Gen G will be able to organize without organizations, that ability to coalesce will have profound destabilizing impact on institutions. You must concede, The Internet is fueling those who want to be heard, the rise of people, people who regroup and organize on the fly. We are in a time where one voice makes a difference, we the people are taking charge and we are speaking up, Corporations don’t know what to do with us in this state. It would so much easier if they could just unplug all of us from the Internet so they wouldn’t have to deal with us. They want us to go about our business and continue to trust them on Wall Street, keep the wool over our eyes. That’s just not going to happen is it?

The Internet doesn’t make us more creative, it’s a platform, a game changer that enables what we create to be seen, heard, and used. The Internet let’s us write the rules of business, let’s us share, let’s us give our creative rights away. The momentum is already too much to stop, the Internet could not be turned off or unplugged, our economies would collapse, businesses would cease to exist. Imagine a world without the Internet, we would have to redesign how work, how we organize work, much like we are doing in this Digital Age. KAOS would ensue, just as it is with the removal of the Industrial Age thinking, the old model is dead.

The new open models are allowing creative individuals to make more money than those that fall under the Copyright Laws of yesterday. Copyright as it is written does not work on the Internet, but a Creative Commons License, or a Collaborative Licenses or possibly User Rights Licenses may prevail.

Who would have thought the big money would be in the conversation. What you and I say everyday on the Internet, is being used to figure out trends, where we are gathering, and what we want to be able to do, for the purposes of making money. It’s what we do here in North America, we are always trying to figure out how to make more money, as much as we can possibly want. What would happen if the tap was turned off, the Internet was unplugged, or worse yet controlled by Cable Networks, Government, and Internet Telcoms. It’s called NET NEUTRALITY, and it’s real, it’s in the courts today.

So What Would You Do If The Internet Got Unplugged?

I love it when I find evidence that Copyright Protection doesn’t generate the same kind of revenue that an Open & Free Business Model does, it puts a smile on my face. No it’s not perfect, but neither is Copyright Protected sectors, they are failing miserably in this new open business model, they are trying to function within it and still can’t figure out what to do. Why? They are trying to use old industrial age thinking on a model that doesn’t require alot of control. Some control yes, but not nearly enough to keep everyone comfortable.

Companies that practice or use the big C (Copyright) are struggling to function in the New Open Marketplace, where FREE is almost impossible to compete with, so don’t compete! There are many, many sectors that do not qualify for Copyright Protection, and they generate more revenues than most with Copyright Protection. Copyright is about one thing and one thing only, control! I’m generalizing of course, but that’s the core motive when you strip all away.

Here is a TED Talk that is very interesting, with much to think about, food for thought.

Johanna Blakely: Lessons from fashion’s free culture.

The Internet has presented a huge problem with the current Copyright Laws of each land, the Internet, is in fact a giant copy machine that violates most Copyright type licenses every second of the day. Great debates have and are taking place as to what the answer may or may not be, the laws are about control, the Internet is not, it wants to share everything it finds and at no or very little cost. So, how does one get paid for their work if that later is indeed true.

What is a Creative Commons License? I’m not even going to consider trying to explain it to you because I don’t know! I am however going to let you understand it better through this video, now pay attention, you may be very interested to know that this is close to what we may be looking for here on the Internet.

Does this Creative Commons License work for you? What do you think?

If you want more information on the Creative Commons License, here is the link to the website: Creative Commons License

Change is hard, for some it’s very uncomfortable, and for the mainstream it’s almost impossible, so it seems. Change is inevitable, it is happening with every minute of the day, how you chose to respond to that change determines it’s value. Like ambiguity, change too must be embraced in order for progress to really take hold. I know you know this, I know you understand it and that’s why this environment welcomes those who truely understand it.

Mainstream media, mainstream big business and the businesses that support them, still don’t see what’s coming and it’s coming quickly. Wall street, the Music Industry, Newspapers, Television Media, are stuck in the mainstream, they don’t know how to make the shift to this new economic model called Open & Free. Amber Naslund ranted about how there is an entitlement to free stuff, I agree with her, I’m all for getting paid and we should be if we are providing something of real value. Unfortunately, the world is filled with many looking for a shortcut, looking for a way to take advantage of others and not pay for what they take. But today, we the people get to decide what is important to us, no longer will we be convinced that products, services and information are important. Unethical Internet Marketers, traditional marketing and subliminal messages raise the BS Meter to new levels and become very suspicious. The pay first and and access second model is breaking down rapidly, no longer to be tolerated, and will all but disappear in the next 3 – 5 years when the rest of the world gets here online. There will be 5 Billion people here in the next 5 years and they won’t pay first, and you won’t be able to make them. They will find ways to get what they want, much like we do today, music, movies and information is being copied at will and that’s what the fight is all about. What you may not see is that the money is moving from the selling of copy, to the selling of experience.

Keeping content, products and services behind walls is a losing model, and is a bad experience, the end of control is shaping up everywhere. With Newspaper’s forcing you to buy access to content, record labels unwilling to move on their position and flexing the control muscle, they are in for a rude awakening. Mainstream Media & Mainstream Business must find ways to make this shift, find ways to monetize around product and service. Rather than fight with everyone and try to maintain the current Copyright Model, try working with the stakeholders and content providers. Create interesting ways to replace the Copyright Gridlock we are in with collective agreements where everyone wins. Much of what we know must be unlearned and new creative ways to allow for everyone to participate in a global economy where the content makers do indeed get paid. The Open & Free Business Model allows for this and also brings a hotbed of creativity that builds trust, relationships and attention.

Silicon Valley has the same issues, it is very much an incubator, it doesn’t really integrate with the rest of the world, they talk a different language, and it feeds on itself and funds itself. Sounds cold and harsh but let’s be honest, they are light years away from most of us but still have to share the same space. We need them to be weird and innovative for the rest of the world, but they also seem disconnected at times, it’s a day time soap at times. It’s like being the Nerd in grade school again, everyone looks at you funny because you talk funny and wear a pocket protector.

Mainstream being stuck in the mainstream has a silver lining, it means we get to be creative and help them get unstuck. Unfortunately, today they are fighting against us and the world, and want to maintain control, it’s a losing battle I’m afraid. They aren’t listening now, but they will, musicians and the like are banding together all over the world as messengers. It might appear mainstream media has the upper hand, but it will be short lived. I try to advocate working together, bring awareness, and help build the future in an Open & Free Business Model, a place where everyone (YOU) wins.

Are you ready? How do you feel about an Open & Free Business Model? Do you think Mainstream is stuck in the Mainstream?