You have read it here over and over again, I am not the only one sharing the message about the death of the industrial age, how community will over power corporations unless they embrace them, join them and even buy them. Big business must change how they think, small and medium business owners must change the way the think, there is much pain coming in this paradigm shift.

Thomas Power has a few words on the topic of community and love, I’ll let him continue the message you find here often on this blog. This is one of many great talks on the changes yet to come. Enjoy!

In a group called TED Ideas Worth Spreading, a discussion on LinkedIn with Andrew Oduro Ayim, he asked an interesting question, If you had the opportunity to talk at TED, what would your speech be about and why?

I responded as short as I could:

I would share my passion as often as I can, for as long as I can, and I’m sharing that passion at The World Futurist Society Conference in July 2011 on The Future of Business – The Open & Free Business Model. It’s not what we do, it’s not a skill-set, it’s about how we think, it’s how business really is in our world. A world where Access trumps Ownership, a world where generations yet to come will and do not value ownership of home, ownership of car, they value life-style not a work-style.

Business owners still don’t even know what Social Media can do for them in my area, we are in for a world of hurt, the paradigm shift from closed to open is too painful.

What would you talk about?

I love it when I find evidence that Copyright Protection doesn’t generate the same kind of revenue that an Open & Free Business Model does, it puts a smile on my face. No it’s not perfect, but neither is Copyright Protected sectors, they are failing miserably in this new open business model, they are trying to function within it and still can’t figure out what to do. Why? They are trying to use old industrial age thinking on a model that doesn’t require alot of control. Some control yes, but not nearly enough to keep everyone comfortable.

Companies that practice or use the big C (Copyright) are struggling to function in the New Open Marketplace, where FREE is almost impossible to compete with, so don’t compete! There are many, many sectors that do not qualify for Copyright Protection, and they generate more revenues than most with Copyright Protection. Copyright is about one thing and one thing only, control! I’m generalizing of course, but that’s the core motive when you strip all away.

Here is a TED Talk that is very interesting, with much to think about, food for thought.

Johanna Blakely: Lessons from fashion’s free culture.