I have been doing far too much reading lately, I mean I’m always reading someones work, how else will I ever learn how things work, and why. I spent two hours pouring over Darren Rowse – 31 Days to Build A Better Blog, my head was so full I had to step away and watch a movie.

After that I poked my nose into another great book by David Risley, Six Figure Blogger BluePrint, getting insight and guidence from David Risley. I have been studying this whole Blogging thing and how to monetize it for a long time now. The hardest part was and is getting focused, figuring out which direction I should be going, what do I know best and is there a need out there.

One thing jumps out at you after reading alot of material on the topic, almost every book or whitepaper seems to have a common denominator. The table of contents in all of these has some version of what you should do first, the best way to describe the first item would be, First Things First.

In almost every case, the very first exercise is to start writing good content. I’m a firm believer in doing just that, but I don’t spend a lot of time fussing over it, write, spellcheck and post is my style. Now depending on the kind of blog or what your going to sell will determine if you should get professional writing help.

There is a blog equation as well, Sound Blogging (Content) + Marketing + Traffic (List) = Money!

That may be over simplifying things but that’s the very lowest you can take Blogging for Money. Don’t get me wrong, this is hard work and there really isn’t a shortcut, you will work, and work hard you will for every reader, page view and dollar your site earns.

There’s only one way to go down this road, you need a healthy attitude, because if you don’t, the journey will be painful. My recommendation is to have a good plan, a healthy attitude and enjoy the journey. More importantly, have a good understanding of the WHY, otherwise you will not see it through. I can’t stress enough the importance of a plan, without it, The Blog Equation won’t be enough.

What do you think?

monetizeLately I have been getting asked (what feels like a million times), the question of how I make money with my blog. Or, can you (I) monetize my blog? Ironically, I attended a local Blogger’s Event this week and two questions were the focus, do you have a blog and do you monetize it? I’ll cover what I do on this Blog.

First a disclaimer….This post is NOT a get rich, a how to make a million in 30 days and it’s not the only way to make money with a blog. I am not claiming or promising you a thing! I am merely going to answer these questions by sharing with you how I generate revenue on this blog.

I’ve been blogging for a few years now, not many years, just a few. I started blogging on the topic of nanotechnology, I even wrote a short eBook on the topic. I also write about I.T. Strategic Planning, some personal thoughts and now I focus primarily on Social Media because that is what most of the readers here want from me. Then every now then, it comes in spurts, I get asked how I make money with my blog. OK, I get asked a lot 🙂 Keep in mind, I didn’t start blogging for the purposes of monetizing, I had a website long before I had a Blog, it’s easier to manage and it gives me a place to share my knowledge and help people.

I’ll bet the answer to this question is like finding the holy grail, I decided to do a little research and this is what I found out. I did a Google search for the phrase “Make Money With Blogs”, I noticed that there are 202,000,000 references to that phrase. Next I did a search for “How Bloggers Make Money From Blogging”, that showed a result of 136,000,000 references. Then I tried “How To Monetize My Blog” which brought a result of 522,000 references. I even setup a couple Google Alerts and monitored what was being posted for a few days, it’s a mess out there when it comes to this topic. As you can see this is a hot topic and considering the economic times we are in, I’m not surprised people are trying to find ways to make money. I actually hate the fact that we need money to survive but that’s another story.

Let’s move to what I do here on owengreaves.com, if you look around you’ll find I do very little, on the sidebar you will see a couple books I promote, they are affiliate links to Amazon.com. If you go to Amazon you can learn how to do the same thing, they cover the how to very well. I wrote a short eBook that I sell and that’s about it. The real dollars come from consulting on this topic, Social Media and I.T Strategic Planning. The truth be told, I just love to help people figure things out here on the Internet.

There are many ways to generate cash through your blog but you have to decide what your passion is and do people want what you have to sell. There is a process to follow, you don’t find a product first…you find a problem to solve before you start investing in a product.

Recently I Tweeted on Twitter a link to an article by Chris Brogan called, Make Some Money, and people thought I was spamming when I was merely promoting what Chris wrote. Money is a sensitive topic and anything that sniff’s of SPAM is an even touchier topic. Gary Vaynerchuck believes anyone can monetize whatever their passion might be, someone is going to buy what you’re doing, eventually. The trick is finding enough people to buy what you’re selling.

That’s it for now…stay tuned for more : )