The Future Of Business – Making Money Slow. What do I mean by this, keep it simple. Most who tackle the online world of making money think in terms of getting rich quick, I would suggest you make money slow. Also, make your money goals achievable, trying to make a million in year one is not realistic. The future of business is about building, it takes time to build something bigger than yourself, start small and start building with the end in mind.

I get asked all the time, how do I make money online? In many ways, it’s not much different than offline, solve a problem, fill a need, provide awesome service, and be honest. Building trust offline is easier than building it online, mostly because it’s easier to hide.

When I started making money online (2007) I started with something I was interested in, something I could manage alone, and knew people need my service. I started with a private webhosting company, I serve clients and friends, it’s grown away from that model, but it’s still a size I can manage on my own. But I started with one question…do you know what it might be?

I asked myself how much I wanted to make per year from my webhosting, just using simple math, I did this:

$30,000 ÷ 365 days per year = $82.19 per day

That number is not only reasonable but achievable, that’s 7 days per week. Keep in mind, this is online hours not traditional business hours. You may have loftier goals, but I felt starting with something achievable was a better goal. It wasn’t about how fast or much, it was a building block, and then I would add another building block.

If you only want to work Monday – Friday, break the math out again:

$30,000 ÷ 312 days per year = $96.15 per day

It takes time and persistence, most people don’t want to wait, making money slow is better for a couple reasons. One, it’s easy to manage, and number two, it pays for itself rather than taking money from your household budget. In other words, I didn’t use my own money, the clients covered costs out of the gate. I still build business that way today.

I share this with you for one reason only, to help you stop making ridiculous goals. Don’t worry, if you stay the course and make money slow, your bigger dream and goals will most likely take care of themselves. It still comes down to simple math, providing incredible service, having a product or service people need, and then provide them with unbelievable support.

The old saying of “Keep It Simple” comes to mind, I once heard some say it differently, “Keep it simple, because simple is hard enough”. I hope this helps when you feel overwelmed, especially when you aren’t meeting your financial goals. This method may seem over simplified, but it works for me, it keeps me from getting out of balance, small moves are easier to overcome when they don’t work out, and sometimes that means investing smaller amounts of money. I always ask myself two questions before spending money or starting something new, what’s the worst thing that could happen, and could I survive it? If the answer is yes, I move forward, if it’s no, wait.

That to me is The Future Of Business – Making Money Slow.

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Here I sit, it’s December 21st a few days before Christmas and I keep hoping somethings gonna be different, the snow is here for Christmas and that hasn’t happen in ten years! Now that’s different 🙂

If you’re like me you’ll find yourself thinking of simple ways to make money on the Internet without investing any money. It can be done, sure, just look at all those Internet Marketers that say they are making $40,000+ a month wihout spending a dime and here’s how I did it, just buy my course for $$$$$! Ok, I’m a skeptic, the problem isn’t that it can’t be done, the problem is….Who can you trust? Are they legitimate Internet Marketer’s or Internet Scammers? Ah the dilemma, how does one know for sure; With over 253 million related links to Make Money Online on Google which ones are for real?

Yep, it boggles the mind doesn’t it. All I want for Christmas is to make more money but I don’t know who to trust in the Internet Marketing scene. Are you struggling with the same question or are you buying and buying, spending and spending good money after bad on information and products that don’t tell something you don’t already know?

I’m not pointing fingers, I’m just sayin what the hell is a person to do with all these claims. Buyer beware I guess. So, if you are a successful Internet Marketer making large sums of money, why don’t you share with us how the average person can discern if your the real deal or not?

I triple dog dare ya!

There ya have it, my Christmas wish for 2008, who can I trust to be my Mentor as an Internet Marketer? This should be interesting…..please do share what you want for Christmas?

Merry Christmas everyone!