The Future Of Business – Self-Employment, The New JOB! A couple weeks ago I started a conversation on Twitter & FaceBook, I made the statement; There will not be enough jobs to fill the need of a growing population, how will we work?

A blog post from world renown Futurist Thomas Frey touched on the loss of 2 Billion jobs by 2030. His logic is sound and he does admit to not having time enough to provide solutions to his prophecy, but his argument has merit. Thomas provides lists of changes and which jobs they will effect, unfortunately he mostly talking about we will lose over how to solve the problem. Some jobs will be created through the dismantling of existing infrastructure, but they will be short-term free lance type contratcs. Not a bad thing just a perspective.

We are in for a world of hurt in so many areas, I’m not sure there are enough Futurists in the world to provide input on solutions. Given the fact we have a growing population, 7 Billion in 2011, it is predicted we will hit close to 9 Billion by 2025, depending on your source. Take your current unemployment rate and do the math out to 2025, it doesn’t really matter what the number is. The fact there is an unemployment rate or problem tells you we will never really achieve employment for all. The population growth is evidence enough we will have more unemployment. Why? I think we focus on the wrong business system, we are fighting hand over fist to keep and maintain our old Industrial age model. That way of doing business limits employment, everything has a cap, including salaries.

Our educational systems are changing, but ever so slowly, making course ware freely available is a baby step in the right direction though. I expect the school system to morph into a global virtual learning centre, where accreditation transfers well from country to country. This should open many doors for all, a doctor from India is still a doctor, no need for upgrading or telling respectful people they’re credentials don’t measure up. An Open & Free model with equal standards no matter where you are from. It sounds naive but smarter minds than myself have looked at this before and have done nothing to make it work (that’s speculation on my part).

So what is solution? If the numbers are true, world population is out growing the number of available jobs, teaching people to be useful self-employed members of any society seems plausible. That would make self-employment the new job. This should be the primary focus of educators to ensure the masses will be able to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. Continuing to force people to rely on a failing system, or systems, is not forward thinking, or acting in the best interest of mankind. Governments are still acting like King Richard, forcing the poor to pay more for something that wasn’t working. The Robin Hoods of the world, us here on the Internet are sharing our knowledge, we are even offering to help one another.

The numbers don’t lie, we need to embrace self-employment as a way of life. Waiting for an ailing business model to recover, repair itself, or be re-invented, is not good use of time and resources. It will be too late. But Self-employment alone won’t solve all our problems. If you are thinking of going down the self-employemnt track, there are some resources available in your communities. If you are not sure what type or kind of business to start, simply drive down main street and ask yourself what’s missing. Start there and expand on it, write a list of 40 ideas, but do something.

I know self-employment isn’t easy, it wasn’t meant to be, but it gives many a new way of providing for their families. Education and the likes of you & I helping each other, will make the world a better place.

The Future Of Business Is Self-employment.

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  1. Anonymous on February 12, 2012 at 7:42 PM

    Excellent article. As a futurist myself, I’m often shocked by how shortsighted organizations, especially government, can be. Our school systems are ill-prepared to equip today’s students for tomorrow’s work environment, and the small steps that are being made often seem to be far too little, far too late. Unless we collectively recognize this and take immediate action towards correcting it, we are going to have a generation trained for jobs that no longer exist. Unchecked, this issue will only get far worse, as the rate of advancement is itself increasing.

    • owengreaves on February 12, 2012 at 8:38 PM

      Hi Simon, It is great to see you here, and thanks for your dropping a comment. I agree, in some ways I wish I was 30 years younger and could walk through some of the pain with those trying to figure it out.

      There is just so much to do, and most are not paying attention.

      Blessings, Owen.

  2. Futurist Thomas Frey on February 14, 2012 at 2:33 PM


    I appreciate your comments. Here are some thoughts on how to formulate building a rapid job-creation engine.

    Keep up the good work.

    Futurist Thomas Frey

  3. Douglas Fast on January 8, 2015 at 2:28 PM

    I have found many ongoing conversations on this subject … one is around the book by Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn Founder) called “The Startup of You”.

    Unfortunately most of the conversations are between those who don’t need a job (i.e. Reid) and those who have already been forced out and are on the market.

    The ones not participating in any real sense are the ones with the time and resources to make a difference and change the world.

    Are you seeing signs of tangible change in your circles? Or is it still just wishful thinking?

    • owengreaves on January 8, 2015 at 4:24 PM

      Hey Doug,

      I do wish it was wishful thinking. The truth is, most middle management positions are being eliminated at a rapid pace, along with upper positions in many corporate sectors.

      The other issue is the under 25 crowd, most of them including one of my sons has never had a job, because older people are either returning to the work force or haven’t left. The trend is also publicly pushed from our Federal & Provincial Governments, they are pushing trades. The reason they are pushing trades, nobody really wants to do those jobs, so they have forced the school system to move to trades and away from the arts.

      It’s really the Industrial Age trying to survive, they want works who will not ask questions, do as they are told, and tow the party line. That is what the Industrial Age needs to survive.

      With fewer jobs, and the ubiquitous menial tasks available for work, most don’t want that kind of employment. If they did, there would be no push to change the education system to train more people for trades.

      OK, I’m rambling…there is and will be no choice, mostly for generations after you & I, we will see it get worse not better.

      Talk to you soon,


      • Douglas Fast on January 8, 2015 at 4:42 PM

        Is this why so many governments and universities are pushing startups as the answer?

        If time and money were not a constraint, how would you solve this problem?

      • owengreaves on January 8, 2015 at 4:48 PM

        Yes I think so, there is shortage of workers, and the only way to get them is through immigration. If the locals don’t want the jobs, won’t go to school to learn a trade, immigration is the only solution….and automation : )

        Even if you had a trade job, it would be wise to have a side gig, because most jobs end, and there is and won’t be the kind of protection we used to have, I’m not convinced there will be CPP and so on either.

  4. Douglas Fast on January 9, 2015 at 10:18 AM

    I have been wrestling with this reality for some time now, but this conversation helped put more of the story together in my mind. Thanks.

    • owengreaves on January 9, 2015 at 10:22 AM

      You just crystallized what this blog is all about, to help people figure things out, to help change your view, to change the way you think! When someone asks what I do for a living, I just tell them, I notice things. Thanks for being here Doug.