I’m not sure when he said it, but he said it…Chris Brogan made a statement that has stuck with me since I heard him say it, and he said it. He said, and I quote, ” People comeback to things that are useful to them”. Does that resonate with you?

I think Chris even coined the term, “Grow Bigger Ears”. Listen to what people are asking for, that your product or service might solve that problem”. It’s all part of being a Human Business.

I meet with a great many people almost everyday, smart people, and they seem to overlook simple observations, like being useful. Most of us, when we have a problem, tend to complicate things by trying to figure that problem out on our own. But if you were to ASK instead of tell, you might be surprised how quickly the problem goes away. You will notice, if you’re paying attention, you almost always go back to the place or person that was useful in solving past problems. You tend to draw on past experiences and go back to resources you found useful.

Talk about being creatures of habit, a gravity of human behaviour by the way!

Are you, is your business, is what you do, useful? And to whom? Therein Lies the secret sauce, who finds you useful. How can you tell, to be sarcastic, check your bank balance, if it’s healthy, you’ve probably been useful. If you get gobs of website traffic, and a low bounce rate, your site is probably useful. People tend to want two things, a problem solved, or they want to learn something, sometimes both.

Another gravity of human behaviour, almost everyone is an authority on something, we are very, very smart : )

So be useful, and change the world, make it a better place.

If you could help make owengreaves.com more useful, what would that be, what would you recommend? How could I be more useful to you? Go ahead, I can take it, but be respectful and sincere.

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