I had posted a link on the Twitter on online Payment technology, particularly swipe format. I sarcastically said, it will take 18 months before Canada gets this or even wants to embrace it. You see, in Canada we are very slow in adopting new technology, heck, even new songs that breakout in L.A. take 6 months before we get the groove. Anyway, I got a response back from someone, he recommended I watch this video. I took a quick look and responded back to him on twitter, I’ve seen this before, it’s cool, but do you have anything in the works for Android?

Let me backup a bit, the person who hailed me on The Twitter was @KalleRadage , I hope I’m not stepping out of line here : ) He works with a company called Payfirma, you probably have heard of it, if not, this should be news to you. What does Payfirma do?

“Payfirma is Canada’s true all-inclusive payment processor, providing a full-range of Credit Card, Mobile Payment, eCommerce and Integrated Point-Of-Sale Solutions.”

That should get you started, but let’s watch the video and then you iPhone freaks should get real excited here in Canada!

Well, what do you think? I’m hoping they work on something for my Android, the truth is, as cool as this looks, it needs to be easier in my humble opinion. Security is always an issue, and I’m not even going to attempt covering that topic here.

The Future Of Business will be Social & Mobile, this is part of the mobile aspect where we all will live in the coming months. So Payfirma, you are on the right track, I am really interested in your progress, and I’m most especially interested in your work for the open systems like Android.

By the way, Payfirma has already released the BlackBerry Mobile Payment App!  : )

So how would we recommend this be easier to use? Any ideas?

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One of the down sides to monetizing Blogs and websites is, they try to capture as much of your contact information as possible upfront, including credit card details. I understand why, but it also operates on the assumtion mode or that you will forget that you signed up and gave all that information. Next thing you know you are paying for something you didn’t want anymore. I’m sure I’m over reacting but, I get miffed at sites that say the 1st month is free but give me your credit card information before we give you access.

I won’t name names because just about every site selling a service or product practices this model and it really needs to be re-thoughtout (is that a word?) further in my humble opinion. I rarely sign up for services that practice the credit card collecting up front, if it’s a trial then they can come back to me when the trial is about to lapse. These days trying before buying is an even better way to go, especially with the new Social Media environment claiming transparency practices.

In the day and age of transparency & trust, we should think about the message being sent when asking for credit card information on the marketing of ” The 1st Month is on Us”. If that’s true, let us sign up and try it, if we want it, come to us later and ask us to stay on and then ask a payment method. I know you think thats bad business, but really? I think the opposite, it would tell me you are so sure of your product and you are willing to lose me if its not a good product or service. Of course this doesn’t work with all products and services but, if you are offering a trial opportunity, then make it just that, don’t charge or ask for creditcard or payment method up front.

If it’s FREE! – Don’t ask for my credit card!