At first when you put you and your work out there for the world to see, you hope someone will like it, but be prepared for those who don’t, it’s the nature of starting something new. This blog is one of those things I put out there, to see if someone was interested in what I’m sharing, it was a risk and it still is. I believe we are headed for a complete reset in the world of business, I believe we will give away more than we actually sell, I believe the younger generations will drive these changes. I set out to help you figure out how to take part in the new world order of business, how to use the open & free business model, how to Create, Differentiate, and Deliver.

Nobody notices at first, sometimes it takes longer than it should, but eventually….somebody notices. The like-minded do come, they’ll spread your work, they may even talk about, they may even follow you, waiting for the next thing you have to say. If you’re fortunate and you’ve built enough trust, you have true fans, and those are priceless, cherish them, even if you don’t know them personally.

Nobody Notices immediately, you do have to make it easy for people to see your work, if you’ve created good work, many will notice. If your work isn’t good, some will come, but many will go somewhere else to find the information you’re sharing. If at first your work isn’t good enough, don’t quit, keep creating it until you come to master your creation. This isn’t a new message, it’s tried true message, but for some reason we keep hoping it will change and everyone will become fans of what we do.

Consistency is a secret ingredient to success, giving up is not. Write, create, make if different, and deliver…it’s the only way you’ll know if anyone notices.

It seems rather obvious doesn’t it, at some point you have to deliver, you have to deliver something. You don’t start a business or any kind of venture without eventually delivering a product or service. Without delivering you don’t really have a business do you. Why would you go through the process of creating something if you didn’t want someone to see it or know about it. Sure you could create something for you and you alone, but you’re still delivering, you’re delivering to yourself.

If you’ve created something awesome, and you have a plan to differentiate your creation, you must deliver it to someone. How will you ever sleep at night if you don’t?

The only way to change the world, to make a difference, to influence others, is to deliver. Delivering can be as simple as showing up, but you will deliver something when you do.

This equation can be applied to anything, the only way to get good at it, is to do it. Read it, learn it, live it.

Create. Differentiate. Deliver.

The greatest of creations ever made, were you and I, we’re amazing! We can do things no other creature or animal on earth can do, we can stop before we respond, we can decide how we want to respond to stimuli. We have so many abilities, one of them is the ability to create, we can create incredible solutions to world problems, we can see things through our ability of foresight, the list is endless.

This blog’s tag-line is: Create. Differentiate. Deliver.

These three words sum up what the business of the future will need focus on.

All of us have ideas, we’re spiritual creative beings, we strive to conquer, we survive, we overcome, we’re passionate, we love, and we have a desire to help one another. Mostly, we like to create, we like to build and conquer. The problem many struggle with, fear, and what to create. A good place to start is, what drives you, what energizes you, what you’re true passion is, listen for the voice within. Many search external clues, the true passion is in you, create that. Seth Godin calls it “ART”, the art each one of us carries within but is scared to let out. Mostly because of fear.

It doesn’t matter what you create, what matters is that you do something, let the art in you be heard, seen and found, you will change your world. So create, make something, solve a problem, eventually you will find a way to monetize your creation. Let the world do the marketing for you, you just let the world know where to find your creation.

The fear of failure is a powerful force, the cost of doing nothing is far greater than failing, so create and fail as often as you can. That failing will teach you more than you will ever learn doing nothing. Don’t analyze, just do! Create!