ConfusedExecThis has been on mind for some time now, why corporations don’t get social media. I may be way off base here but there are primarily two or three reasons why they don’t or can’t wrap their brians around what’s happening in the new way marketing.

1.) They haven’t tried, touched, or even asked what the meaning of Social Media is or is not.

2.) Don’t have a clear understanding of Outbound & Inbound Marketing concepts.

3.) Only know how to Broadcast – push, sell products & services.

4.) View a relationship as a sale only.

I’m sure this list could be longer but it’s clear to me that unless there is a simple way of helping the highly educated (constipated) executives, this isn’t going to change anytime soon. Why do a very small few get it and the majority don’t? Fear of Change, Fear of Loss, Fear of not seeing the big picture due to a poor understanding of what they are being asked to participate in.

I know a particular business owner who has been picking my brain, wants to understand the details first, make sure he experiences somekind of ROI before commiting to this new marketing environment. This would lead me to item #5 – CONTROL – there is a fear of losing control like never before, look at the music industry, a prime example of the fear of losing money. Eventually, music will be free, or at least some kind of Collective License that allows for a mutual interest rather than a monopoly.

It’s not all the business owners & executives fault. The fault lies with those who consider themselves experts in this Social Media environment, provide poor information and relate the message that only confuses them more.

This has been written about before, I’m not saying anything new here. The truth is it will never change, just as there are criminals, Internet Marketers and Social Media Experts…there will always be people looking to find a short cut to success. Most people don’t want to wait, have patience and or do the work, they just want to cash grab and do as little as possible. Knowing that, I’m not shocked or surprised at how business owners respond when the topic of Social Media comes up.

So what’s the answer? Do your homework, get a good understanding of what your prospect or client is asking, learn what Social Media is, learn Social Media’s place in the marketing mix, and above all….if you don’t know, shut your mouth or say I don’t know but I’ll find out. Don’t spew crap so you don’t look bad, tell the truth and go on the journey with your prospective client, better yet, invite someone who does understand to the meeting. This problem #6 – poor representation which means the wrong information is being shared.

I’ve ranted enough on the topic, there’s a Social Media Mess out there and it’s up to us to clean it up. If Social Media is putting the power back into the hands of we the people, then let’s make sure we are using that power correctly and for good.

Why Corporation’s Don’t Get Social Media? You tell me, I’m just one voice, one person listening to business owners in my area, what are you coming up against and how are you being part of the solution?

Why is it that most organisations focus on crisis rather than important? It seems that getting a task done and greasing the squeaky wheel is the priority. Toxic employees and or managers go into fits of rage because something didn’t go as planned or they are protecting their turf. At some point someone has to stop the insanity, how could you possibly go on doing the same things over and over again expecting different results?

There it is, the question. I have found that good people are hard to find, if you don’t wait or look long enough. Most people are looking for relief in workload, want to feel important and valuable and know that there contributions matter. But my boss just doesn’t get it! He empowers the wrong people, he doesn’t listen and he lets people get away with murder. You’ve heard it all before.

So, why is it that many have this problem? I would suggest to you that the leaders at the top are not looking at the whole picture, they are looking at transactions and tasks that have to be completed on a deadline. When that happens, they end up managing in crisis mode rather than working in the important mode. How do you know when this is happening? How can you identify organisations in the wrong mode? It’s more obvious than you think, all you have to do is watch the people, there body language, are they happy, or do they complain more often than not. It’s really not that complicated, but, many don’t see it because they are in it everyday and never get a chance to step out of the crisis mode long enough to see all that is ailing them.

The smart top leaders recognize they aren’t the solution and will bring an outside source to work with them on making the shift to working on the important issues, the bigger picture and implementing the right systems that will remove the stress and allow finances to be directed to an area where it is really needed.

Build great teams, implement strong systems and your world will change top leaders. The how is always the question, a solution is to hire an outside source that understands those two very important environments or build a team of your best people with the aid of a consultant. People & Systems are the secret.

I’ll share more on this topic as it is one that I get asked many times to discuss.

Owen Greaves, Basic Author