The future of business is in such a state, the music industry is loosing money at a clip never seen before, will the record labels finally see the light, probably not. The labels are fighting tooth and nail to control what you and I can do when it comes to acquiring music, and producing it. For whatever reason the industry shrunk by 71% in 1 year, they are trying to be so protected, to the point nobody is paying attention. You to will be ignored if you continue down the path of control, forcing people to pay.

Nine Inch Nails found a way to survive and make money without a record label controlling them, and many others are finding creative way to get they’re music into our hands. The Kaiser Chiefs are doing something interesting, they want you to build an album, buy it, then sell it, and they will share the revenues with you.

Now it will help if you like their music, you get to select from 20 cuts, you pick 10 songs for your album, design your cover, pay for it and download the album. Once you’ve gotten that far, they will provide a site for you to sell your album and you share in the profits, sell many albums, make many bucks.

This is one of many creative ideas on getting your music in the hands of your fans and a great way to get new fans. Check out the site, make sure you read the instructions well before diving in, but have fun creating an album you like.

Another example of how the future of business and the music industry is adopting a more open & free business model, one that you the consumer has a little more say, one where you are being trusted just a little bit more.