Let me Introduce you to Emilie Wapnick, she is a prime example of what I have been sharing with you here on this blog, what the younger generation thinks, and how they are building the business of the future. Now Emilie is in her mid 20’s and is leading the way for young entrepreneurs, pay attention to what she say’s and how she say’s it.

I contacted Emilie and ask if I could introduce her to you and share something from her site, but mostly I want you listen to her and get to know her before I send you off to visit her site. I think you will be surprised by what she has to say, and you will be even more surprised when you hear about her background and education.

There are many young entrepreneurs out there who believe they can have a lifestyle instead of a work style, that they can experience more than one passion. And they don’t buy the big lie, that you can only do one thing in your life for a profession or vocation. I’m 53 and I believe it! The journey of life is way more interesting than locking into one career, one job, or one trade in my humble opinion. But we were taught by our parents, our schools, and by society, that we had to get a good education, then get that one good job; then everything will be ok. It’s just not  true, because it doesn’t work for many, it does however work for some.

It’s not really about being an entrepreneur, but that’s the term we use to rationalize our gypsy like emotions, we want to follow our passions, we have and can have more than one. Society rejects this model because it lacks what many would call security and control, the truth is, it does provide those things, it’s just different, not wrong.

This is what the future of business landscape looks like, the rules are changing, and how we think about those rules and future matter more than ever. Today we are busting out, we are fighting back the conditioning the Industrial Age has forced us to endure. The Industrial Age is Dead, now lets embrace ambiguity, let’s grab those passions, start your journey, and don’t forget to enjoy the adventure.

Enough from me, let’s get to Emilie.

Here is a snippet from Emilie’s About page:

Hi I’m Emilie,

I’m just a confused 26-year-old from Montreal, Canada, who has decided to never commit to one career path– ever.

I want to travel and live in cute European cities. I want to write and produce a TV show or web series about 20-somethings who move to Berlin to be artists. I want to start a non-profit online art collective. I want to start businesses that are run on principles of permission marketing. I want to surround myself with smart, creative, passionate people. I want to inspire others to break free of the beliefs that limit them.

I believe we all have these false mythologies we have created in our heads about who we think we are. We should be challenging these beliefs and replacing them with more positive ones that reflect the person we choose to be.

Already you’re getting some insight of who she is and what she thinks about her future, but let’s hear it from in this video. This video is taken from her blog, she explains what her site is about.

Are you like Emilie? I am, what you are seeing is a glimpse into the future, what the business owner of the future feels, what they want, but what they don’t want, is what older generations are trying to force them into. As you can see, the future of business is not a skill set or technology, it’s about how we think. What big business is trying to hang onto, these fine young cannibals are pushing back, pushing the paywalls down, and they will rewrite the rules of business, all we older folks have to do is believe in them. What we really have to do is, get out of the way and let them show use a better way. Thanks Emilie for letting us see the future of business.

OK, go visit Emilie’s Blog, you will feel a fresh breeze on your face, not too mention she’s a cool cat. Just follow the link: