top5I recently took a small poll on Twitter and asked who you thought were THE people to keep eye on in 2010. People that are bubbling under and don’t have status or a high profile just yet in Social Media. Who do you keep going back to for information and help, they aren’t as popular as Gary Vaynerchuk, Chris Brogan and the Jeff Pulver’s of the Internet.

So for fun, I have listed for you 5 people I keep a close eye on and I think they are going to make the jump from bubbling under to making a huge contrinbution to how we use, measure and interact in Social Media Networks. These people are not only smart but a lot of fun to chat with, hang with and I suspect do business with, I’ll let you be the judge of that though.

My Top 5 for 2010

1.) Olivier Blanchard@thebrandbuilder – his website is packed with how to’s on figuring out Social Media ROI.

2.) Trey Pennington@treypennington – He is making an impact through his work and his podcasts keep me coming back.

3.) Scott Gould@scottgould – he is one of many responsible for the Likeminds conference in the UK, doing awesome work.

4.) Rebecca Bollwitt@miss604 – A Canadian gal out of Vancouver, she is everywhere and shares a ton of great info.

5.) David Spinks@davidspinks – Another sharp young man making inroads here online with a fresh look into Social Media.

If you have a Top 5 please leave a comment and tell us who you think we should watch in 2010!