In just 22 days the World Futurist Society Conference begins, approximately 1000 futurists from around the world will converge at

WorldFuture 2011; Moving from Vision to Action.

The Conference is being held at the Sheraton Wall Centre downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. If you haven’t registered to attend this forward thinking conference, get on it, you will learn much from many no matter what your curious about.

If you are fast enough you see my picture in this promo, yep, I’m speaking on Saturday July 9th at 8:30AM on The Future Of Business, see you there:

I was interviewed recently by Justin P. Goodrich on his Radio Program “The Way I See It” and I always touch a few nerve endings when I talk about the Future Of Business in public.

For those who didn’t catch the interview, I have it for you below, please give me your thoughts / comments, good or bad. Thanks for all who visit, without you, there is no success.

Many Blessings, Owen

Just click on the link and become edumacated : )

CIVL Radio Interview with Justin P. Goodrich

What I love about going to a futurist conference, or sitting down with other Futurists and innovators is, you will never hear them say your nuts, that’s crazy, or it will never work! There is nothing more energizing than an open mind, a willingness to be taken far from the comfort zone, where would we be if there were no Futurists or innovators?

I can only speak for myself but, have you ever shared an out of the box idea with someone, and they just stare at you with a blank expression? It happens all the time in my community, and I’m older than most of the people I share with in most cases. I mean you would think at 53 years of age I would never talk about the extinction of paper money, the end of the cash register as we know it, that giving your product or service away for free will make you more money than charging for it, or sharing Ray Kurzweil’s singularity vision. It amazes me the masses don’t know what’s happening to them through all these advancements in Technology. If they did pay attention, I’m not convinced technology would advance as quickly as it is. We are far too eager to accept new technologies without seriously considering what the consequences might be.

Now, if you are a futurist or innovator, you have probably felt or thought the same thing at some point in your studies. My focus is on The Future of Business, or commerce. Much of what we know today is leaving us far more quickly than anticipated, but we are struggling to let go of the past. The Gen C kids, under 20 demographic, and the generations to follow, will re-write the rules and laws of business to the point most of us won’t recognize it. I’m convinced they’ll shake their heads when they hear us talk about the future, chuckling under their breath, waiting for us to move on.

Imagine what we would learn if we could get inside their heads, how they view the world, and how they would organize work after we are dead and gone. We would tell them they were nuts, crazy and it will never work, I certain of it.

I would rather we put some future thought into or day-to-day lives, I don’t mean planning your 2 week vacation, we already give that too much attention. I’m talking about how we will learn, how we will work, how we will consume, and how we will provide goods and services. Start spending time around the Gen C demographic and ask them what they see, get around those who are Futurists and Innovators, you will find you have to unlearn much of what you know.

I challenge you to never say the words, your nuts, your crazy, and it will never work. If you are someone who does, you are holding back our future, you are part of the problem and not part of the solution. We have much to do from an energy perspective, the coming water shortage, and possibly a food shortage. In the next 20 – 30 years, we may find ourselves killing others for what we throw away today.

I challenge you to open your mind, to think possibility thinking, creating the impossible, and above all, value the innovators and futurists of today, as they the looking glass of your future.

Which one are you? A possibility thinker, or a person who says it will never fly, it will never work.

To my knowledge this is a first for Vancouver, I am very excited about this major conference on two fronts, this is the first time it will be held in Vancouver, and I have been invited to speak on The Future Of Business – The Open & Free Business Model! Imagine, over 1,000 futurists under one roof for almost a week in beautiful downtown Vancouver, I wonder if there will be enough counselling for all of us? <grin>

The future is on everyone’s mind, we all want to look into the crystal ball and see how things will turn out 20, 30 , 40 years down the road, but that’s not what the World Futurist Society Members do. Futurists are not about telling you your future, they study what most of the world doesn’t pay attention to. This Society investigates how social, economic and technological developments are shaping the future, that’s very different, and refreshing.

Checkout the World Futurist Society’s FaceBook Page and be sure to follow them on Twitter, you’ll love what they share and make available to you on their website too.

If you can attend this conference, do it. Imagine the brain power you will tap into, ideas will flow, your creative juices will overwhelm you, and you will hear about amazing concepts yet to be developed. All because you were around quality people that devote their lives to one reality, that “Tomorrow is built today”, come join us.

Moving from Vision to Action

WHEN: Friday evening, July 8, 2011, through ­Sunday, July 10, 2011. Preconference courses on Thursday and Friday, July 7 and 8, and Professional Members’ Forum on Monday, July 11.

WHERE: Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel, Vancouver, BC, ­Canada

WHO: Approximately 1,000 futurists from around the world.

WHAT: The WorldFuture 2011 program will feature big-picture thinking and practical visions from a diverse array of participants in a variety of disciplines.

TOPICS: Technology, education, health, business issues, families, communities, work trends, social change, the environment and resources, globalization, education, governance, futures methodologies, and much more.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Preconference courses, tours, meet-the-author sessions, career counseling, tabletop exhibits, and more activities are planned.

NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES: A complimentary welcoming reception, two keynote luncheons, group business meetings, reserved networking ­areas throughout the meeting, and more.

Have you ever come across someone who articulates your thoughts better than you do? I am flabbergasted by Gerd Leonhard, it’s like he is reading my mind, and then puts it in words I could never have thought of, or deliver it in such a powerful way, it is a special treat to follow his work. I hope you pay attention, we share the same message differently.

He spoke recently at ictQATAR’s Connected Speakers Series, and the greatest description, the best quote I have heard to date to describe The Future of Business & Media. Please read it slowly and ponder the depth of his words.

“The future of business and media is all about interconnected business models that generate mutual benefits for everyone. The era of ‘egosystems’ such as walled, controlled, centralized and RoI-obsessed businesses, is rapidly closing. Now it’s all about creating powerful ecosystems that are built on openness, standards, transparency, trust and decentralization. Think Google versus AT&T, or Twitter versus FoxNews.”

Much change is coming, it’s impossible to prepare for all that is coming, but you can at least be aware and then make changes to lessen the blow. What Gerd is talking about here is a complete reversal of what we believe business is and should remain. As I have said many times, this paradigm shift is not about technology, it’s not about skill set, it’s about how we think. How we look at business as it really is in a digital world.

Please share your thoughts.