The world we live in is always changing, as much as we try, it keeps on changing and shifting whether we like it or not. The truth is we can’t control change, we hang on to it with all our strength but still the change takes place. The world of commerce and how we interact changed years ago but we keep trying to hold it back, keep trying to stay in our comfort zones, it feels better that way. I am change agent for the most part, but if someone moves the forks in my silverware tray I get this disturbed feeling like I was just violated. That shows just how easy it is to get stuck in a rut, there is a saying, the difference between a rut and a grave is the dirt on your face. Are you stuck? Do you like change or does it make uneasy?

I talk frequently about the future and the change we have yet to experience, technology is growing at an exponential rate that we can’t prevent or control. If you look close enough and you are being completely honest with yourself, we are in for a very painful shift in the next 3 – 5 years. How we do business, how we interact with each other, how connected everything is and will be, is going to turn our comfort zones upside down.

Change is hard, change to an Open Business is even harder. Open is scary because it will feel like we are all out of control, it means KAOS! The part that scares most business owners is, the customer is taking some of the control away from them, the customer is now making decisions differently and that makes the world of commerce a very different environment. People are re-grouping on the fly, they are swarming into Tribes, they are reshaping what it means to be a trusted brand, and business is struggling with this shift.

Being open means you as a business owner have to talk to your customers, you must give them more access than you are currently comfortable with today. The world is coming, no the world is not here yet, but when they do arrive they will force you to do business in a very uncomfortable way.

The world is broken up into many many incubators that communicate and act in a way that is acceptable for each incubator. These incubators eventually will all be connected and will reshape how they act and communicate, bringing about change and innovation. This can’t be stopped or prevented, because you can’t stop a connected audience, they move to quickly and resist control, especially on the Internet.

The Internet is THE Platform that has changed the way we think, the way we communicate, and it is allowing for the reshaping of commerce, not too mention bring new meaning to Copyright and Sharing. Social Media is a bad name for the future we are entering, today we think having an account on Twitter makes us an authority on Social Media. The fact is, Media goes much deeper than using these Social Networks, they are tools, they allow us to connect and share, but that’s primarily it. The Media part is what we need to pay attention to, how we get paid for what we do through being in media, is a shift that is still unclear.

We are all becoming the Media, we are going more and more mobile, getting paid will be based on getting Attention, bringing value, and making your value feel like free, that is the secret. How you view the world matters in this new paradigm shift called Open & Free, where you put the toll booth will be even more important. Pay attention to what’s happening to the world of business, what technology is allowing us to do, and pay special attention to who is connecting with you and your business.

Change is hard, the change or shift to an open & free marketplace is coming, and not changing will be much harder in the future.

This past week I have attended a number of webinars and joined mailing lists as part of on going need to figure out what is it that makes the term Internet Marketer demand so much respect. I recognize that 90% of the Internet Marketers may fall under the term Internet Scammer, not because they are bad people but because they are merely following some elses way of doing things because it worked for them. I’m a bit old school in that, nothing comes without hard work and persistance, and they preach the same thing but with a spin.


I guess I’m bothered by the fact that almost every Internet Marketer has narrowed down the delivery to a point where I no longer trust it. If I got a nickel for every landing page that looks the same I wouldn’t have to work for a living…hang on I don’t! That’s another story for another time and I am looking. I’ll bet the landing page is the same for well over 95% of those who call themselves Internet Marketers, why? Because they say it works.


To be completely honest I’m more interested in the motives, why are they doing what they are doing, I know make money. But there has to be a deeper motivator, doesn’t there? What’s the real reason for being an Internet Marketer, what’s the WHY I AM I DOING THIS? I want to know I can trust you, I want to know there is a greater good to making the kind of money you claim to make.


If you did a search on Google for Internet Marketing you would find the results around 89 million related links on the topic, if you searched for How to Make Money Online you would find over 30 Million related links. If you changed it to say Make Money Online the results jump to over 40 million, then the big one, Get Rich Online, it has over 253 Million results. I wonder, if you were to click on every one of those links how many of them would look the same and or claim the same things? That’s alot of opportunity, that’s a lot of problem solving, they all want your money and they all say they have the answer to your problem, but do they?


Why do so many follow Internet Marketers? The need is money of course. The problem I have found is that many of these Internet Marketers are selling the easy road, you don’t need this and that and you don’t have to sell! Prosperity teaching is not a good theology to live by, as I mentioned earlier, nothing comes without hard work and persistance. Therefore, being sold on how little you have to do should be a red flag shouldn’t it?  It’s too good to be true and so on.


So what to do, who do you follow, how do you know who to trust without losing your shirt buying report after report on how to get rich online? I watched a video clip of three guy’s sit and talk about how they made money doing this and that without really telling how they did it, of course they want you to buy something thats why. My struggle with these fellows wasn’t that they figured out how to make money but it was there attitude, they laughed at how easy it was to make all this money. It was like they finally ripped off the man, the problem is they didn’t, they ripped you and me off.They took our money for something we believed was valueable. Ok, good for you, now what? What are you going to do with all that money? Are you going to make a difference in the world, feed the poor, clothe those living on the street? The list is endless. I have only heard of a couple gentlemen who are using they’re Internet Marketing business to do missionary work, to make a difference, now that tells me just maybe the motive is right, but is it? How do we find out? How we find out is another topic to cover at a later date.


I’m not a highly suspicious person but I do smell crap easily and I can tell when something is rotten in Denmark. I’m no scholar and I’m definetly not an English major ( you can tell by my writing). If the goal is to make money and lots of it, and your not going to use the money to help those in need, why are you doing it? What’s the point of all this money making?


I would suggest to you that knowing the why is where to start, check your motives, why do you feel the way you feel about what you are going to do. It’s taken me a lifetime to figure what I’m truly passionate about, why I write, why I share and why I care about those around me so much. Including you. I’m not crying sour grapes because I spent so much time and money trying to duplicate someones Internet Marketing business model and failed. No, I have two passions that drive me, one is sending a messsage about the advancements of technology and how you will be impacted by it and to help you realize that you can make a difference, you are special, you can be and do better than you are. And that means asking the tough question of why, why become an Internet Marketer, why do you do what you do, what is the reason you spend your time and your money the way you do.


I know some Internet Marketers will take offence to this post and you may believe your motives are right, and that may be true, I would love to hear about the great things you’re doing in your community with the money you make from your business. I would love to hear what makes you unique, what makes you different and what you are passionate about. I am merely suggesting that the majority of Internet Marketers don’t give a minutes thought to how they could make a difference in a world that is suffering. They believe that making money from you so you can do the same to someone else is a noble thing to do even it doesn’t help you. I can only hope you will be different, I can only hope your motives are right and you truly want to help those around you.


So I ask you, are you an Internet Marketer or an Internet Scammer? Do you give or do you only take?


How many people are better off because you lived, not for how much money you made or what you have materially, but because you got involved in someones life and made a difference. After all, in the end, you can’t take it with you.

Owen Greaves, Basic Author

I rebuilt this Blog to address a great number of things, there are great works in the world and most of us never hear about them, new technologies, new business models, new products and so on. Maybe you are an inventor, a futurist, a scholar or someone like me who is wondering where technology is taking us. How will it impact our lives? How will it drive new business? Some technologies have done somethings well, but mostly it’s complicated our lives rather than free us up to do more of the things we wish we had time for. Wouldn’t it be nice if technology shortened our work week? Skeptical? Read the book by Tim Ferriss called the 4 Hour Work Week, you’ll shake your head and wonder if you could do what he has done.