tidal_wave1After spending a couple hours downtown in my community today I was just vibrating with the thought, ” These poor business owners”. What do us Social Media Geeks see that traditional business owners don’t? I felt like standing on a box and screamming STOP IT! Stop what your doing and look up…pull your head out of that dark warm part of your anatomy and pay attention! It’s like a tidal wave is coming and these traditional business owners are looking the other way as if it wasn’t there. Is there something wrong with me, am I speaking to a brick wall, am I just crying wolf?

I couldn’t wait to get back to my office and write to you, it’s like venting I think but I’m wondering what it will take before everyone starts to actually pay attention. I look at how many people in Canada actually have Twitter accounts and I’m hard pressed to find many, with only 34 million people in the country you would think there are more than a few paying attention. I’m in Western Canada, ok Bristish Columbia, I live in a suburb east of Vancouver called Abbotsford. There’s not much out here if you are an executive like me, you have to commute to the bigger cities to find work, but that’s a problem too! Resume’s…do they even work anymore? Even these online job banks rarely work…why…because traditional thinkers don’t look there, they do look for referrals though.

Even the local Chamber of Commerce is looking the other way, they want traditional businesses (bricks & mortar) to buy memberships and insurance packages. My only chance is to try and influence through my online show, Owen Greaves LIVE! maybe. Maybe, just maybe, I can reach them and maybe you can help me. If you are a person who believe’s passionately our way of doing business is changing and care enough to get the message out, then contact me and I’ll invite you to share on my show. That’s the only way to get in front of them and get them to listen…on the Internet and that’s where I’m setting up shop, not downtown in a building. Thanks for reading and listening I guess, we will talk about this on Monday’s alot at 2PM EST / 11AM Pacific on Owen Greaves LIVE! Join me won’t you?

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  1. mike on May 26, 2009 at 6:20 PM

    i’m wondering how much of what you said also relates to the church. have we also become so traditional in our methods that we are no longer being effective in changing people’s lives? how much of our time is spent on being ‘attractional’ rather than being ‘missional’? what i mean by that is how much of our time do we spend waiting for people to come through the door rather than us going through the door and bringing the good news to them?

    any thoughts?

    • Dude on May 26, 2009 at 6:53 PM

      Hi Mike, Thanks for taking the time to comment. We tend to mix the two together I think but always leaning towards one, not in balance but we gravitate to our true feelings. I like to think my mission here is attractional, but in a spiritual way, as we are spiritual beings I like to point people in the right direction on their journey. My style is very low key but I do not hide the fact that I am a christian and believe we were created and designed to fill a role in this EPIC we were born into. I am very concerned about where technology is taking us, what is not being talked about and will we even know when we have been exposed to The New Technology.

      Being effective in the church is a hot topic, I think we need to focus on Jesus first, then people and NOT doctrine or the church. Truely live the ten commandments even if you didn’t believe in God! My father asked my before he passed away in 1998, what if your wrong, what if it’s just a really good history book? I said, if that’s the case, what’s the worst thing that would happen to me? I would live a life honoring those who God loved, helped those who were in need and treated my family the right way. We make it too complicated sometimes and the church has something to do with it.

      Sorry, I hope I answered your question? 🙂 Thanks again.