Between 8-8:30AM and 3-3:30PM I don’t dare try to leave or come home, why? There are 4 schools within a block and 1/2 where I live and the cars are lined up everywhere, it’s even worse when a school has an event. It’s impossible to get anywhere quickly, and some drivers are so clueless, they don’t care that they are blocking traffic because they are going to turn whether you like it or not! Those big SUV’s are no match for my Malibu so I have to wait.

I was watching the flag person this morning and they have to be on there toe’s, drivers are not watching them, they are looking ahead and strategizing how to maneuver the next exit or parking spot. The flag person’s are volunteers and they are risking themselves to ensure our children get to school safely while crossing the street. They should get medals for doing it if you ask me because the volume of traffic is unmanageable for one person. they just keep coming and coming trying to get ahead or turn into the parking lot before the next car closes the opportunity to turn. I would love to have this traffic problem on my website, I wouldn’t care what they did as long as they came and bought what I was selling.

So there’s the question, why would traffic turn to come into your parking lot called a Blog or website? How would you get them there and how would you get them to stay long enough to read your work or buy your products?

I have been researching (or playing whichever you like to call it) this challenge of traffic the past few weeks and I am coming to some very simple conclusions. I don’t know if it’s important but I have come to believe that everything comes down to one thing, It’s The Traffic Man! There are many ways to build or direct traffic to your website and many would have you believe that you have to spend a considerable amount of money to make it happen. I’m not here to say that you shouldn’t spend money on traffic, I’m merely pointing out that you have three options:

1.) Buy your traffic.

2.) Build Organic traffic (don’t buy traffic)

3.) Do both (1 & 2)

I am currently working on number two, it just seems more long term to me, they came because they liked what you were doing and sharing. Paid traffic has a purpose which primarily means your selling something or you must have a high rate of response in a short period of time. In a way, the slower organic approach to traffic appears to build community better, it lays a stronger foundation. I’m sure those buying or paying for traffic say the same thing but I haven’t gone down that road so I can’t speak intelligently on payed traffic.

I started building my traffic with Twitter over Christmas and found the community an amazing source of information not to mention it’s responsiveness. I was able to test topics, interests in traffic, all kinds of things that lead to traffic to my Blog, it is and was a fun experience and I truly value all those who follow me. That’s a key thing for me, Value those who follow you and those who visit your site regularly. The traffic that comes from Twitter is considerable on a day-to-day basis so twitter is probably the best place to start of you are building organic traffic to your sites. To find out how I build traffic using Twitter read my post called, ” 10 Days to a 1,000 Followers“.

No matter what you want to accomplish with your Blog or website, you need one thing, and thats Traffic. It’s The Traffic Man!

I have come to the conclusion that the online world has forgotten how to connect with small business owners. Talking in terms of impressions, traffic, page views and links just doesn’t compute. The small business owner doesn’t care about those events unless it means increasing revenue, they’ll make more money from it. Yes they are indicators and bench marks to determine if online efforts are paying off but the real truth is in the cash draw at the end of the day. For small business owners to understand all this jargon you need to keep it simple, dummy it down so to speak.

I recently met with a small business owner and they could care less about what all that stuff meant, they want to improve business that’s it that’s all. More sales, more traffic through the doors, more traffic to their website that they spent a pile of money on. Because at night when they go to bed they are thinking about how to pay the hydro bill, the phone bill and their staff. The problem is still the same even with Internet. Why is it that Internet Marketer’s think the problem changes just because it’s the Internet? Oh, to make it more confusing, there appears to be different types of Internet Marketers!

Granted, a well thought out marketing strategy should include an online presence and a good advertising program, but, the Internet is only one part of it not the end all answer. Cross promotion, making sure your websites address is on all correspondence, letterhead, business cards and the like. You bet!

That business owner told me that all the jargon was too confusing not to mention being told how it all worked! It could be that the person selling the online presence is not looking at the problem from the same side of the table as the potential client. Looking at it as a transaction instead of genuinely wanting to help, to help solve the problem, to sit in the same boat and go on the journey with them. If you did, you would find the client much more open to your suggestions, why, because they will feel you have something to lose too.

Keep it simple stupid (KISS) still rings in my ears, help your clients get there by joining them on the journey. I know you think I’m assuming all marketers are doing the same thing, but when you hear the same story everyday from small business owners you have to wonder what’s up.

Online Marketing is different, it’s not the same as traditional advertising even though the results might be the same. Take the time to help them understand, show them how simple it can be and stop trying to sound so smart because you get it. And if it’s possible, help them and yourself identify the different types of Internet Marketers there are in the world.

I had to share this with you today because it was frustrating to hear another story as to why their online presence was a negative experience, they felt stupid because the person selling didn’t take the time care for them.

Care for your clients and tell the truth, the rewards are great for all parties involved.

Owen Greaves, Basic Author

I have been messing around with Twitter pretty much full-time for the past 5 days and I’m wondering how this tool is  improving your life and or business. Is it better than the other Social Networking platforms and doe’s it directly impact your bottomline in business?

As you can see I’m a curious sort and I’m looking for some hard data to justify devoting so much time to Twitter. Everything has an ROI, it’s finding out the reality of that number. I have found being selective in who you follow has a direct bearing on the results of your questions and Blog traffic. Do you follow just anyone or do you have a system in the ones you decide to hitch your wagon too?

So, the question of the day is:

What has Twitter done for you and your Business?

Here I sit, it’s December 21st a few days before Christmas and I keep hoping somethings gonna be different, the snow is here for Christmas and that hasn’t happen in ten years! Now that’s different 🙂

If you’re like me you’ll find yourself thinking of simple ways to make money on the Internet without investing any money. It can be done, sure, just look at all those Internet Marketers that say they are making $40,000+ a month wihout spending a dime and here’s how I did it, just buy my course for $$$$$! Ok, I’m a skeptic, the problem isn’t that it can’t be done, the problem is….Who can you trust? Are they legitimate Internet Marketer’s or Internet Scammers? Ah the dilemma, how does one know for sure; With over 253 million related links to Make Money Online on Google which ones are for real?

Yep, it boggles the mind doesn’t it. All I want for Christmas is to make more money but I don’t know who to trust in the Internet Marketing scene. Are you struggling with the same question or are you buying and buying, spending and spending good money after bad on information and products that don’t tell something you don’t already know?

I’m not pointing fingers, I’m just sayin what the hell is a person to do with all these claims. Buyer beware I guess. So, if you are a successful Internet Marketer making large sums of money, why don’t you share with us how the average person can discern if your the real deal or not?

I triple dog dare ya!

There ya have it, my Christmas wish for 2008, who can I trust to be my Mentor as an Internet Marketer? This should be interesting…..please do share what you want for Christmas?

Merry Christmas everyone!