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Seth Godin

It’s no secret I’m a Seth Godin Fan, I admit it, but how could you not be? So many try to be like him, but he doesn’t want you to be like him, he wants you to be you, to tell your story, to pick yourself. He wants you to win! His message strikes fear in each and everyone of us, because he calls you on your fear, he reveals it in a kind and loving way, he cares, and that’s how he builds trust in my humble opinion. He claims in this video, that’s all he is trying to scale.

Much of what you read here and almost everything Seth Godin talks about is, a paradigm shift. Listen carefully to what Seth explains how almost all of us worked with our hands, or on a farm, we didn’t work for someone else as an employee.

Take the time to watch Seth Godin in this interview and change your life, the Good Life Project with Jonathan Fields.

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University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix has a video series on YouTube called The Phoenix Lecture Series, some very interesting points of view on multiple topics for you to consider, much of it is about change, taking you out of your comfort zone. Here is a short chat that caught my attention, it makes you think about what we have and what the future of people will demand.

Does this talk make you feel uncomfortable, sick to your stomach, or does it get you excited?

Enjoy but truly think about what the speaker is suggesting.

What say you?


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