You might remember I wrote about a young lady named Emilie Wapnick, she has been turning the business world on it’s ear lately, and I highly recommend you listen to her before you go any further:

As you just heard, younger generations want more than the older generations are offering, and more importantly, they don’t want to be catagorized and told what they can and can’t do for a living. recently Emilie released a book for those who have more than one passion, and that is probably all of us. Here book is for Multipotentialites, what does that mean, I’ll let her tell you in her own words a little later. But first, I want you to get her book, it’s called “Renaissance Business  – Make Your Multipotentiality Your Day Job”.


Taken From Her Website:

Imagine having a business that allows you to focus on many of your interests and use all of your skills on a regular basis.

In Renaissance Business, you’ll learn to use your multipotentiality so that instead of it being an obstacle to income, it becomes fuel for income.

But first, maybe you can relate to this…

My resume reads like it belongs to ten different people.




The famous and very talented Michael Martine had this to say about her and the new book:

“I wasn’t sure I really believed at first that Emilie had figured out a way to help “scanners” create a single business when they have multiple interests and skills. I just didn’t see how she could pull it off. So I was very pleasantly surprised when I read Renaissance Business: the methods she walks you through step-by-step for creating a single business out of the soup of all your varied skills and interests as a scanner or multipotentialite are, in a word, brilliant. She really has cracked the code. I’ve never seen anything like it. If you’ve felt stuck and dismayed because you feel a conflict between your potential and the need to make a reductive decision, you must have this book.”

– Michael Martine |

Renaissance Business is Designed Specifically for the Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur!

So why did I just share all this, well, I want you to buy her book, I want you to experience a Business Of  The Future, for you to learn from Emilie, and I want to help her fulfill one of her passions. Sell Books.

Also, I had the opportunity to speak with her on a Skype call and I want to share it with you. The quality is sketchy but you will find what she has to say helpful and interesting. I hope you can carve out some time to listen to this 25 minute chat.

Podcast With Emilie Wapnick – Enjoy!

Ranked as the “greatest business book of all time” in a 2002 poll by Britain’s Bloomsbury Publishing, this best-selling business book has long been a must-have for the boardroom, business school, and bedside table. In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America’s Best-Run Companies (with Robert H. Waterman, Jr.), 1982

The book was primarily about three things, Listen to your customers. Take care of your people, and don’t let your values slip or slacken.

Tom Peters has searched the world over for businesses in Search of Excellence, he latest book The Little BIG Things: 163 Ways to Pursue EXCELLENCE, 2010 continues the family of books on Excellence.

So why do I mention these books? Just this past week I had a brief online conversation after I posted a question on Twitter & FaceBook. It was a simple question meant to make you think about what Excellence looks like to you, and how do we measure it. So I’ll pose the question to you:

Is your Pursuit Quantity or Quality? – Or should it be Excellence?

Now the question seemed confusing but, two interesting comments / statements came back to me. One was a question that confirmed the confusion, having said that, it was an interesting thought.

How does pursuing quality differ from pursuing excellence?

My response even surprised me, and it got me to thinking:

Quality & Excellence are not the same thing. Quality is part of an equation that determines Excellence.

Another friend of mine kept it simple, but was it really?

My pursuit is to simply do my best at all times.

I possed another question.

There is the problem, how is your best measured, how do you know it’s your best?

The conversation continued for some time and again kept it simple:

Well, it’s measured in that moment of ‘doing’. I consciously know if I’m doing my best at any given time. Sometimes, we’re tired, and sometimes we’re completely energized – our best varies on where we are. I think we all know when we’re doing our best – like an internal barometer.

Still not happy with the answer, I drilled deeper not letting my friend off the hook:

Based on that statement, you only seem to know when you’re doing best by how you feel. Emotions are not always the best way to measure where one is at.

You must have some indicators that you monitor that keep you on track, that keep you focused, that ensure some sense of quality. Pursuing Excellence is a complicated set of habits that equal Excellence, but only you can set the standard of those habits, you are setting the bar for you business. If you don’t, someone else will judge you or your business on bad information / Excellence.

Two things struck me, there probably should be more than two, but….one, everyone seems to have a different view on how Excellence is measured. And two, I have come to the conclusion that there is this equation that takes you to a value called Excellence. This equation is something each business owner must look long and hard at, it doesn’t even have to be a business, anything in life that you measure and wish to have some level of Excellence. You or the business owner, has to set the bar, and those who experience you, your brand, and or your business will decide if it was Excellence. So there is alot to consider in the equation.

Is or has how we value Excellence changed because of technology, systems and more efficient ways of obtaining the almighty level of Excellence? Is Excellence easier to obtain because of technology, or ways of automating simple tasks?

Will the future of Excellence morph, will the definition of the word be changed because of how we measure Excellence? In my small understanding, Excellence would be a series of habits or action items done exceptionally well, how many habits makeup this equation, or do we go by how we feel? (not recommended)

The question is yours now, what does the equation of Excellence look like in your opinion?

The secrets to blogging successI rarely ever review Books and or eBooks, in fact, this is probably 1st one I have ever taken the time to write about that I can remember. At my age I wouldn’t be surprised if I reviewed a book a week ago. <grin> Now, I’m not saying books or ebooks are good, bad or otherwise, but lets face it, books are not what they used to be due to the Internet and the digital movement. I do like to having something in my hands I can use a highlighter on, so many times I’ll print the ebook off just to put chicken scratches all over it, but not usually. Enough about my stuff, let’s talk about this new ebook by Nathan Hangen & Mike Cliffe Jones called, Beyond Blogging – The Secrets to Blogging Success! (Affiliate Link)

I have to admit I was hesitant to spend $47 bones on this digital effort, but sometimes your gut talks to you and you just have to invest in your future based on that alone. I bought the ebook, afterall I have some serious goals set for 2010 so invest I did. I started going through it and for some reason I felt kinda weird and deja vu-ish. Maybe it’s because I have been following those interviewed in this ebook and knew alot of their content based on videos, interviews and reading their Blogs. I’ll even admit I didn’t know some of these successful bloggers even existed.

You’ve probably heard already that this ebook is not a step-by-step how to ebook on Blogging. Its actually written more like Think and Grow Rich, you have to actually dig in and figure out what your passion is and what track you should be on. Oh, these guys even include a worksheet to help you work through the exercise. The layout & presentation of this ebook is actually pleasing and easy to read, color choices are pretty good too. After reading through the table of contents I felt like this ebook was more about name dropping and leveraging relationships. But I moved on and to my surprise I found myself enjoying the stories and struggles behind some of these successful bloggers.

There is actually some solid content and advice given throughout the ebook, some smart interesting ways to monetize a blog or website. You will read much of what you may have already learned in Social Media circles. One thing you will get from this ebook, blogging is hard work and requires patience. Blogging is not for everyone, much like driving a forklift, you have to have a passion for what you do.

I recommend you use the shopping cart method when it comes to reading this ebook, some things you buy into and some things you won’t. The things you don’t buy into, just leave them on the shelf and keep the things you do agree with in your cart.

Like Norman Vincent Peale’s Think & Grow Rich, you have to study the book and read between the lines alot to figure out why your stomach has a nervous feeling. That feeling is the not knowing whats coming, it’s ambiguity, it’s knowing there’s something there but you just can’t put your finger on it. You will feel something similar when you read Beyond Blogging, I think there is value in this ebook and what it’s trying to show, tell and lead you through. You will also see a common denominator throughout this ebook, there is a system, a plan needs to be developed, a road map if you will, you need to know what the end will look like to make the principles in this ebook work for you. Keep the end in mind.

You will invest in something, it should be you, it should be books or ebooks, systems,and  strategies that provide knowledge you don’t have already. Don’t get stuck on price, approach your journey with a positive attitude and humility, you will go much further than a bad attitude will ever take you.

So, I recommend this ebook as I do Chris Brogan’s Trust Agents and Gary Vaynerchuk’s CRUSH IT! (both affiliate links) I even make them all available for you here on my Blog. Enjoy Beyond Blogging – The Secrets To Blogging Success, I’m certain you will earn, learn and make more than the amount you pay for this 202 paged ebook.

I hope you like the ebook, I would like to hear what you think of the ebook as well.

Happy Learning and Happy Blogging.