There’s a new business in my community, a first of it’s kind, it’s motto, “working alone sucks…”. I paid them a visit this past week and was pleasantly surprised, it’s a very clean environment, brand new in fact, with great foresight on how and where we will work in the future.

Matt Farley is one of the principles, co-founder, and he loves to tell the story of how they came to be, but more importantly, he is excited about where this company is going.

In the past I have considered opening an office, you know a bricks & mortar location, but could never bring myself to do it, the overhead was too much. With SwitchCube, it not only saves me money, I don’t have to own it or build it. I can have an office when I want, a board room, a small office, or I can do a class room environment, great for workshops. On top of that, I can serve coffee if I need it, that’s right, they even have a small kitchen facility should you need it.

Private Office with a door

Coffee Station

Board Room

Class Room







Matt says, this is just the beginning, we will offer bigger and better office space should the need present itself. Who would use this great facility, Real Estate Agents, Financial Advisers, Independent Contractors of all sorts, pretty much any self-employed individual who has a need for an office, whether it be for just a few hours, all day, and or longer. It’s a great place to have an off-site meeting with staff, no distractions. Telecommuting has been around a while, but office sharing is a new concept for this community.

I suggest you drop in and have a chat with Matt and his crew to discover how you might use this great new service.

I highly recommend them, here is their contact information:


1B – 33820 S. Fraser Way,
Abbotsford, B.C.

Ph: 778 – 809 – 4577
Matt’s E-Mail:



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I have been struggling with this question mostly because of what I have been witnessing in my area where I live. I know a great many people who love building community, they like to build things that make the world a better place. I also see and know those who do the opposite.

I think we should all ask ourselves this question, maybe everyday. When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is say, Thank You Jesus. Why, I woke up, I got another day, I get to be useful to those around me. I love helping people, which why I do what I do, workshops, public speaking, think-tank sessions, I love asking questions, I love the creative process. Helping others is a cornerstone to building community, building others up, speaking positively about people, helping solve problems, it’s a fun way to live don’t you think? Even helping your competitors, yep, there I said it. Helping those who are in competition with you or your business is a great way to add more value to not only what you do, but to who you are.

Recently, I have noticed a few so called businesses bashing and calling people down in public, is that really what’s in their hearts? There is a person, with a website called The Valley Voice located in Chilliwack, BC, they fancy themselves kind of a news source or a Newspaper. I have yet to see them say anything positive about anyone, in fact, all they do is speak poorly of others in their community, and in other communities close by. It doesn’t matter who they are, yes even I have been attacked by them, and they have no idea who I am! So they would fall under the category of Tearing Down A Community. If you don’t provide them with the answer they like, with the information they want, they immediately start bashing you in public, and here online. Tell this wasn’t in the business plan from the get go, because I can’t imagine anyone wanting to talk to them or work with them if this is the model they have chosen. It would appear that they are about drawing attention to themselves by being extreme in controversy. I get the feeling they wake up every day wondering what dirt they can dig up for the purposes of drawing attention to themselves. It disappointing, it’s rude, and its extremely unprofessional in my humble opinion.

Then I see others in the community’s around me doing awesome things, helping people, raising funds for charities, actually doing something that makes living worthwhile. Imagine that?

So I’m curious, do you build community, or do you tear it apart? Are you a builder or a destroyer?

I know I sound naive but, I would rather be on the builder side, I would rather The Valley Voice just kept their mouth shut. But I can’t control that, they would scream the freedom of speech defense, so my world has an Asshole to deal with. At some point this person and his team will be avoided by it’s community for fear of being aligned with a person or organization that tears down it’s community, and the people in it. The Internet has made it possible for us to say what we want and not have to pay a price, we can hide, but that’s changing, we are going back to small town rules, where word of mouth is gold. Your legacy will be determined by others, what you do and what you say will create that legacy, and those around you will determine your worth in light of it.

The Future Of Business will be built by those who value people, who want a better world to live in, want better ways to accomplish this thing called life. My hat is off to you, especially if that’s you.

So I beg you, be a builder, lift those up around you even if you disagree with them, maybe you don’t even like them, speak in positive terms anyway.You will be happier for it. If you are going to criticize, at the very least offer a solution or another option.

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