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If you could flick a switch to instantly change the way you think about business, would you flick it? What would stop you from flicking that switch? Is it fear, or are you admitting that you’re comfortable with how you see business, that you’re just fine with industrial age thinking and processes.

What is it about the shift(s) in consumers that is your biggest struggle? Chances are, the problem isn’t the consumer, it’s you. Imagine flicking that switch, then instantly you would have a different view of your business, and the consumers you’re trying attract. Flicking the switch is not that easy, it means unlearning much of what you know about business in the future. If it was easy, we would all have prosperous businesses and no need for acquiring new clients and customers. Even that doesn’t sound realistic does it?

There is this underlying emotion or thinking with business owners, they start a business thinking there is an end, a final destination, they make a pile of money and then kick back. Nice idea but, really? This thinking comes from the starting we have been taught, we start with the goal of finishing. The truth is, starting a business, building a business, is a journey, a journey filled with challenges to solve along the way, it’s never ending. These journey’s were never meant to go smoothly, they change shape, they shift, and slowly create an identity, hopefully, a trustworthy brand.

So how do you flick the switch? You just decide to. You start by educating yourself on the future of business, you attend seminars and workshops, and you change your networking habits. If you flick the switch, you’ll find you’re more often alone, this group of people are spread all over the world, sometimes hard to find, and most are not in your area.

Flicking the switch also means you will be going against the masses, old practices, you’ll be embracing new ways of building your business, new ways of marketing, and new ways of communicating with your clientele. A complete paradigm shift, are you will to pay the price? I’ve dedicated my life to helping business owners flick the switch, many flick the switch, but rarely have the fortitude to stay the course. Old habits are hard to break, and the comfort zone is more powerful than you think.

Flicking the switch will turn you into an early adopter, see your business in a new exciting way, and you will have a better understanding of the paradigm shift the rest of the world will have to make, do you have the courage?

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, I challenge you to journey with me, flick the switch, and journey into the future of business. Attend one of my Future Of Business Workshops, read this blog, and listen to my soon to be coming podcasts, start the educating now. Start teaching others to flick the switch! Go ahead, the switch is on the back of your head : )

Listen To This Post As A Podcast:

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The Future Of Business – The Consumers New Found Power. It’s been said forever, the customer is always right. So why doesn’t business believe it, why don’t they practice it? Greed? Probably. I as a consumer, more than anything want accurate information, pure uninterrupted support, ease of access, and above all, the freedom to make a decision without being coerced, or sold.

It’s also been said, that a customers experience with a brand (product or service) is what determines the life span of a business. If it’s good, you get another day. If it’s bad, your days are numbered, it’s really that simple. It’s called Word Of Mouth, people talk, and now they talk to millions at the stroke of the keyboard.

The future of business is like the threat of an avalanche, a business can be wiped out as quickly, and it can grow equally as fast. Why? Word Of Mouth. The Consumer has new found power, many will abuse it, that’s human nature, but many will tell the truth. It’s the truth that’s the problem, it’s harder to deal with, it’s harder to make corrections when the truth is revealed. Those who abuse this new found power will be found out, and then will have to deal with the truth, it goes both ways doesn’t it.

Gerd Leonhard has said it, I have said, and many others have quoted it, we will have to learn how to trust the people formerly known as the consumer. Why? Because they have the new found power. Whether you believe it or not, that’s the truth in a nut shell, they can and will determine the future of your business. They don’t need to qualify, they don’t need permission, they only need an opinion. You and I have absolutely no control on how they will share that opinion. As a business owner, we have the opportunity to ensure it’s a positive opinion, there in lies the rub. We have to work hard for that positive opinion, and most of us don’t want to. We want to do just enough to reach our objectives, then get out before we have to work too hard.

I can only offer this, in order to build a legacy, to build a business that makes the world a better place, you have to plan and work hard to ensure that happens. If it’s just about making money, you’re looking at the wrong metric. Money is merely a means to an end, but the legacy, the world, it wants more from you than just handing over money. The new found power of consumers wants more, and will demand it, it will force you to be accountable, you will comply or pay the price of ignoring the new found power consumers have today. Their opinion matters, and you need to pay attention to it.

And that’s why telling the truth, honesty, sound products and services that deliver, and your integrity matter, it is the foundation that will help you build a legacy, a strong successful business. It sounds corny, and it sounds like hard work, that’s because it is. If it was easy, well you know the answer to that one.

The future of business will be built on this new found power of the consumer, they will determine whether you service or product is any good, they will determine if your recommendations actually solve their problems. Plan, work hard, and deliver. That’s how you will get on the good side of the consumers new found power.

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Is your business normal? I attended a seminar recently, it got me to thinking, mostly about businesses and two questions I like to ask them. Nothing earth shattering, but it might be to you. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, we tend to make one big mistake, and it’s a simple thought to keep in mind:

We only accomplish what we aim for.

If that’s true, there needs to be more don’t you think? We accomplish one goal but didn’t set a goal beyond the first one, a sure fired way to fade off into obscurity.

Another area I was contemplating, was on is sales, or leads, or seeds. I’ve learned the more seeds you throw, the bigger the harvest. Are you throwing lots of seeds? Keeping things simple is best, why? Because simple is hard enough.

Two questions I like to ask business owners / entrepreneurs are:

1.) What business are you in?

2.) Hows business?

Not very complicated is it, but lets be honest, there are many, many businesses that don’t really know what business they are in. That should be addressed immediately before trying to measure the second question. Because if you don’t no #1, #2 doesn’t matter, the answer will most likely already be known.

If you are doing business as normal, or usual, you’re probably finding no one follows normal anymore.

So, ask yourself if your business is normal, if you answered yes, then make it your mission to be business as unusual. Because if you don’t, you will be ignored, maybe even considered obsolete, being normal means you’re most likely not making a difference and or shipping. Consider a 3rd question, if your business closed it’s doors today, would anyone miss it?


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