I have posted on this topic before, I also talk about in my keynotes and workshops, we are close, shopping forever changed. The truth is, we are fighting this technology for the experience rather than the convenience. Most of us want to touch it, feel it, and smell it before we buy it.

I challenge you think about how this way of shopping might actually be of value to you, think of the far reaching ramifications, saving you time, effort and that drive downtown. Check it out.

Would you shop this way, I’m certain my wife will.

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Is your business normal? I attended a seminar recently, it got me to thinking, mostly about businesses and two questions I like to ask them. Nothing earth shattering, but it might be to you. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, we tend to make one big mistake, and it’s a simple thought to keep in mind:

We only accomplish what we aim for.

If that’s true, there needs to be more don’t you think? We accomplish one goal but didn’t set a goal beyond the first one, a sure fired way to fade off into obscurity.

Another area I was contemplating, was on is sales, or leads, or seeds. I’ve learned the more seeds you throw, the bigger the harvest. Are you throwing lots of seeds? Keeping things simple is best, why? Because simple is hard enough.

Two questions I like to ask business owners / entrepreneurs are:

1.) What business are you in?

2.) Hows business?

Not very complicated is it, but lets be honest, there are many, many businesses that don’t really know what business they are in. That should be addressed immediately before trying to measure the second question. Because if you don’t no #1, #2 doesn’t matter, the answer will most likely already be known.

If you are doing business as normal, or usual, you’re probably finding no one follows normal anymore.

So, ask yourself if your business is normal, if you answered yes, then make it your mission to be business as unusual. Because if you don’t, you will be ignored, maybe even considered obsolete, being normal means you’re most likely not making a difference and or shipping. Consider a 3rd question, if your business closed it’s doors today, would anyone miss it?


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Can you imagine shopping and getting help from someone as far away as 1,500 miles? An article by Bob Sullivan was posted yesterday on the very topic on MSNBC. The concept of standing around in a store and looking for help only to be directed to a computer screen. That’s right, today in over 34 Staples stores you have the option to get help via a video conference kiosk.

Here is the link to the original story, enjoy!