Why are we still submitting resume’s? Why do we continue to use them? They’re not useful, not in the way they need to be, so why do we keep using a tool that doesn’t work very well? Most resume’s never see the light of day, in fact, the only time they get looked at, is if there is an immediate need. What’s the first thing you look at when you have a résumé put under your nose? Where they live? Their email address? Job / Work history? References?

That’s the most I’ll invest in reviewing a résumé, I tend to skim it, in fact, I rarely look at them. I would prefer you considered less time-consuming methods, give me a picture of who you think you are, and what others say you are. You can’t really do that in a résumé, because the résumé is skewed by the person submitting it.

The location or where a person lives may be important, if you need them in an office, and they live across the country, you either have to pay moving expenses, or find someone local. The email address, if its a Gmail, yahoo or any other kind of free service, that tends to be a negative, but not show stopper. I prefer to see applicants invest in owning their personal domain name, it shows commitment to me. Job / work history gives me some insight about whether they can do what I need done, it’s not that important because every job has a training cycle anyway. References are probably the most important part, but not the one’s the applicant sends me, I want objective views of a person. I don’t want to hear about how hard they work, I want insight as to what kind of person they are.

The résumé of the future will be and is, a more transparent view of the candidate.

If you must send me a resume, just email me your LinkedIn Profile, completed of course. And most importantly, you should have connected with me somewhere before, don’t just blindly send me your info without knowing if I’m looking, or knowing anything about what I do. Having said that, LinkedIn at least will give me some outside context, have they been recommended, when did those recommendations get posted, and by whom. Have the endorsements been tinkered with, most likely, it’s the easiest thing to game. After that, I’ll do my leg work, like skimming FaceBook, Google, and other Social Networks that may show character pro’s and con’s. I will invest my time in doing research online before I ever decide to interview someone face-to-face.

Personally, resume’s do not work well, there are some many ways for me to learn about a candidate, and more effective ways to get picked. I feel the same way about business cards, they too rarely get used, or produce the kind of results one hopes for. Even job banks are terrible, recruiting sites, and they’re digital failures in my humble opinion. The best way to solve this dilemma, once you’ve determined what work you want to do, figure out how to connect with the principle or HR person, and build a relationship be it online or off. Yes, it does take effort, but connecting with those who make the decisions, or influence the hiring, will get you closer to your desired result.

I may sound smug, even arrogant, if someone wants to know about me, I usually tell them to Google my name, that will direct them to my website, which is my personal domain name, and ton more about what I’ve been up to on and offline. The résumé isn’t dead, it’s different, it’s digital, and we must be creative about it, think differently, otherwise….you’ll be last at the food dish, and the last one rarely gets the gig.

You’ve heard the saying, “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. It even sounds weird when you say it out loud. But the truth is, that statement is true, no matter how much we try, we always default to what we know. It comes down to one of the “Gravities” of Human Behavior, we just can’t help ourselves.

Maybe you’ve said this before, I don’t ever want to be just like my Mother, or my Father, depending on what gender you happen to be. I’ve said it, and no matter how hard I try, people always tell me I’m just like my Father, that is those who knew my Father. I even find myself saying the same things he said, it’s so annoying! Yep, my kids get that benefit. My Father never used the Internet, not once, he couldn’t spell the word when he was alive. But he knew how to reach people, he knew how to contact them, and he knew how to get their blood to boil, all without the Internet. In his day, the phone, a letter, and he got in your face, those were his tools, his mode of communicating. I wonder how he would do with FaceBook and all the other Social Networks, probably tick a lot of people off with his style. But he probably would use one tool, one that will remain the staple of the Internet, and business, from today to eternity.

I’m not talking about websites and blogs, I’m talking about E-Mail. The Future of Business will continue to rely on E-Mail, it will remain one of the more effective ways to communicate. Although I expect email won’t improve much, it will stay just like it is, it would be nice if we could hear and discern tone of voice, determine body language, but we will continue to use it regardless of it’s flaws. There are other tools that can fill those needs, but email will be the simplest form, and the fastest way to get a message out.

Email systems like Aweber, MailChimp and the like will always have a place on the Internet, and in your business, we won’t be able to function without it. No matter how advanced mobile gets, Social Media, and VOIP systems, we will always default to Email, because we know it, and we trust it more than FaceBook.

No matter how much we try to use the latest technology, we always fall back on Email messaging, it’s our default way of writing a letter these days. Business owners, Internet Marketers, and Bloggers all find ways to capture your email address, why? To send you an email, to send you a new offer, keep you informed, and promote products and services. Collecting Email addresses is big business, and that’s why it will be here till long after I’m gone, it’s the tool of the future, it will continue to be a revenue generator. As long Email list make money, email will survive, it will be the way to get inside your world.

Don’t believe me? Try doing business without email, for just one day. Try not using it for any length of time, you’ll find yourself struggling to communicate, text messaging, Twitter & FaceBook won’t be private enough for you, and you will always default to email as the solution.

Knowing that Email isn’t going away, all business owners should find ways to leverage the communication tool, otherwise, you’re leaving money on the table.

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