What Do You Want To Optimize? - Owen GreavesWhat do you want to optimize, new ways to succeed, new ways to learn, you have to own this, it’s in your hands.

Every time we make a new technology, a new tool, we make a new way of seeing. Learning to see is paramount, foresight is your friend, it can scare you, it can lead you, but it rarely shows you all the steps, and it never reveals the vision.

There are so many things to optimize, we’re distracted, busy schedules, work, family, technology, we believe collecting Likes & Followers is optimizing, it’s not, it’s another distraction from doing real work. The beautiful thing about technology, it allows us to do so much, more importantly, it allows you to define your own success.

Learning what to optimize requires balance, in work and in your personal life. Optimizing also needs clarity, understanding the why and learning to see make optimizing easier. Some learn quickly, while other’s take more time to find the balance, and how to see. The greatest commodity is time, we fight to use our time wisely; we have yet to master the problem of time, we’re all running out of it.

Most of us just want to live a healthy life, we think happiness can be bought, but it’s merely a decision you make, circumstances are the results of our thoughts and actions. If they are good, we did a better job of optimizing, if they’re not what we would prefer, we tend to deflect and blame it on others or something else. The answer is in it’s simplicity, stop, look, and listen comes to mind….our Mother’s taught us that age old lesson. If we could exercise that lesson more often, we would most likely be in a better place.

So take a different view of your business, maybe your personal life, from 50,000ft, what do you see, then make a list, what do you want to optimize?

Have you noticed how many courses, webinars, and online workshops there are, that claim to teach you the secret to XYZ? I’ve often wondered about those who teach these programs, did they start out as teacher’s, or were they student’s first. There is a saying, the teacher appears when the student is ready. I have been student most of my life, why…because I like to learn. I also love to teach, but it’s not a natural gift for me, I have to work hard at it! Learning is harder for me because I’m so abstract, visionary, and I tend to fly at 50,000 feet, and most of the time, people don’t get me. That may be a communication issue.

I’m in my mid to late 50’s now, so I’ve been doing the details and leading teams to do details for many years. I’m a teacher, and a learner, but I had to learn long before I could teach. Plus, I had to have some life experience before I could teach intelligently. So, what are you, or where are you in this journey of becoming a teacher? Are you trying to be a teacher too soon, maybe you haven’t learned enough yet, haven’t experienced enough, or does it matter?

I guess I’m just curious about where all these Expert’s and Guru’s come from, and where did they learn to do what they teach. Are they accredited, who are they, what do we know about them, ya my heads exploding with all the questions. The old adage, the old rule applies here as it does in any transaction, buyer beware, you may be getting sold down the river by these expert’s and gurus.

But if you ask yourself, what do I like to do, learn or teach, I think you’ll find one can’t go without the other. Be careful what you call yourself when you the student is ready to become a teacher, your experience will become obvious.

What would you like to teach the world today? The old song that used the line, “If I could teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony”. The idea had the right motive, we would love to collectively get along with everyone, and using the universal language of music seemed like the perfect way to start that movement.

If you ask yourself this question today, what would it be? Is about your work, what you do? Would you try to use this opportunity to talk about your business, and why everyone should do business with you. Does everyone need to do business with you, is it realistic, no they don’t, and you couldn’t handle the work load.

Setting an unrealistic goal doesn’t really move you closer to your objectives and desires, it does generate anxiety. If you could teach the world one thing, what would that be?

For me, it would be, to help you understand how special you are, and that you should dare to believe in yourself. So we could have the privilege of experiencing your passion.

I recently spoke to a group of business owners, entrepreneurs, and something became as obvious as the nose on my face. Now I speak with a lot passion, very matter of factually, and sometimes I’m in your grill, I am as honest as I can be, I’m also extremely transparent. I put myself in front of the truck, willing to be hit by it.

I study the future of business, I spend much of my studying human behavior, and I’ve discovered, people don’t want to hear the truth. I’m generalizing of course, but denial is a powerful thing, if I just look the other way, it’s not there, and it’s not happening.

I’m pretty hard on business owners, and entrepreneurs, mostly because they think of themselves far too much. Again, I’m generalizing, not all of them do, but in general they do, in fact, we all do, it’s the wiring of human behavior.

Flicking the switch is not easy, admitting you don’t know, what you don’t know, takes great humility, and most of us are really bad at being humble. In order to have the fortitude to flick the switch, you will have to come to terms with humility, the humble have more friends, and tend to be more charismatic. You can’t be an authority on everything and build a 1,000 true fans, the fan base has to embrace you and your work to an extreme level. Authority & arrogance don’t attract fans, and they rarely build large communities and followings.

I have never spoken at an event and not offend at least one person, I almost always get under someone’s skin. I even warn everyone before I start, I will offend someone here today, I apologize in advance, but I only know how to speak the truth. The truth is based on my research, studying human behavior, and the natural gravities of human behavior. I don’t like the truth either, but it is what it is.

I am amazed the power fear has over biz owners and entrepreneurs. It’s real for them, typically, the worst thing that will happen to them, usually….you get to start over! You will never fully flick the switch unless you overcome the fear of failing along the way, you will always gravitate to making sure you don’t feel the pain of it. Hence, you get in the way of your business and the learning.

I too have the same problems most of you have, I to get in the way, sometimes I think I know something and learn quickly that I don’t. Sometimes, it’s embarrassing. I am not perfect, I don’t know everything, and frankly, would I want to….well maybe : ) I am figuring things out on the fly sometimes, sometimes I ask you the reader to provide input, I’m always assessing and researching, why? So I can relate the truth as accurately as possible to you, share what I find and what I see coming. I do it because I can’t not do it, it’s what I do, I want to help cure the blindness most business owners & entrepreneurs have, I want to be a resource that helps you win and make the living you would prefer to have. So I challenge you……

Learn to embrace the truth, learn to be willing to admit you don’t know, learn to be humble, and be willing to fail along the way. Flicking the switch is about a journey, not a destination. Are you ready yet?

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