It was a most beautiful day on Mill Lake this past Sunday (May 1st, 2011), the sky was clear and the lake was calm as it hosted the 2011 Walk For Kids Help Phone Fund Raiser. Two laps around Mill Lake on a sunny beautiful morning was in order, a great day to help the kids in our area. Last year it rained, it was miserable but we had a great time regardless.

This year there were more sponsors, and I would like to thank them all; Envision Financial, Owen Greaves (Emcee), The Abbotsford Heat, The News, Fraser Valley Pulse, Galaxy Bowl, Kal Tire, SAVE-ON Foods, 100.5 Peak Radio, The Yummy Mummy Club, Abbotsford Police Department, M & M Meats, Butterfly Treats and it was all topped off with the talented Emily Taylor Adams.

Emily Taylor Adams also donated 50% of CD sales at the event and her stand against kids bullying, she was our official cake cutter too, and she played and sang all morning long. If you don’t know who she is just yet, you can see her perform at the Cloverdale Rodeo, and she will be at GABBY’s Country Club in Langley on May 29th raising funds for Cancer. M & M Meats cooked Hot Dogs for everyone, there was coffee, water, oranges and other refreshments as well. Eileen Fisher coordinates this event every year, and does an amazing job, it’s always a treat to work with her.

I should mention his Worship Mayor George Peary, and his lovely wife made the walk , it was one of three walks they were taking part in Sunday Morning. Thank you for coming. Joyful George and Dilly the Clown were on hand, and there was lots of face-painting going on too. A handful of local mascots were on hand, Joyful George, Dilly & Hawkey, they paired up with a few of the kids and ran a 3 legged race, fun was had by all.

Next year this event will take place on May 6th, 2012. It’s the first Sunday of May each year, this is a fun event for the whole family to attend and take part in, put that date on your calendar. If you want more information on the Walk For Kids Help Phone, contact Eileen Fisher in the Fraser Valley or visit the website:

There are many ways to get involved, you can participate, donate, volunteer and or sponsor the event. It’s a great way to ensure the kids have help when under attack or not, make a donation to ensure the service continues.

100.5 Peak Radio was on hand, along side of the Abbotsford Police Department! Thank you for being there.

This is the 2nd year of this event and it’s growing, and it will continue to grow with your participation, and we thank the many who helped make this years event a success. Not only can you make a difference, you also enjoy the process, a good time was had by all, until next year.

Many Blessings

I couldn’t sleep tonite because I was burden by the fact that I can’t help everyone, people who have fallen on hard times, and if I was in a position to help them, how would I do that? Every now and then I get an email or someone shares about someone who just lost their car, and or is about to lose their home. There are so many, and it just tears me apart because, I was one of them, but a friend stepped up and provided funds to prevent further damage. That’s not the amazing part, the part that blew me away and had me in tears, I told them I didn’t know when I could pay them back, they said….you don’t have to pay us back, it’s a gift.

Now if you are wired like me, you are going to pay that someone back eventually. But it got me to thinking, and I thought I would share. But first let me ask you, have you every given someone or an organization money, and not ask for anything in return? I mean, not evena tax receipt, you just gave the money to help, period, that’s it. Can you answer yes? My wife tells me I do it everyday, I do it because I was in that spot where I was going to lose my home. It wasn’t that the amount of money was so huge, but when you are up against it, it might as well be a million. This act of kindness, the parting with money most of find difficult to do, and then not expecting anything back, that was hard to take. But ever since that day, I give away my money and my time more than I ever get paid, why, because people need help. I don’t share this with you to brag, in fact, I’m ashamed I haven’t told sooner, it’s a part of my life I don’t talk about much. But I love and care for people more than myself, I’m just grateful to be alive. You see I suffered a Heart Attack 10 years ago, and life took on new meaning for me. And today, I love you enough to not let stay where you are.

Now I know you know of someone that’s fallen on hard times, and you wish you could do something about it, well, more than just saying a prayer. We want to provide support, but in most cases, the support needs to be money. Money is the one tool that gives us options, and it allows us to make the world a better place when we give it to those in need. The problem is, determining who is destitute, who really needs to be helped from losing a home. Billy Graham said that there are three things technology has yet to solve:

1.) Human Evil ( why are we so mean to each other?)

2.) Human Suffering (Hunger, loss of shelter and so on)

3.) Death

I’ve said before, death may be solved with nanotechnology 30 years from now, maybe longer, but human suffering could be solved today if we all pulled together. Human evil could also be solved we valued human life, but a great many in the world do not.

So I’m going to ask you to help save a home, together you & I can help someone who is not as well off as you & I happen to be, I’m challenging you to do something and expect nothing in return. I’m going to ask you to trust me, and go out on a limb, take that leap of faith that you will help someone hold their head up high. That you will change someones life, someone you may not know, or may never meet.

Some things to think about:

– We are all wired to do certain things, what are you wired to do, are you a cheerful giver?
– When you do what you were meant to do, you make the world a better place.
– Living the good life means, giving your time & money away, in serving others.
– The purpose of influence speak up for those who have no influence.
– Your value is not based on your valuables.
– How many people are better off because you lived?

My challenge to you is to donate at least one dollar, just give it away expecting nothing in return, if you feel lead to give more than a dollar, then do it . By giving your donation, you will become a member of the Owen Greaves Save A Home Team, and you will receive the Owen Greaves Save A Home Newsletter. This is one small way you can make the world a better place, and you do that with one Random Act of Kindness, give away a dollar.

If everyone who reads this blog donates at least a dollar, together we can make a difference and that will change lives. Be a part of something greater than yourself, let’s work together to make the world a better place. I’ve already made my donation of $100, I triple dog dare ya to match it : ) Many Blessings my life changing friends.

Donate NOW!

Most of you believe that Klout & Influence are important, you want it, and you tend to work towards finding ways to get it. I warn you, be careful what you wish for, you may get it only to find you don’t want it. Everyone, and I mean everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame at some point in their life, it’s part of human behaviour, and especially in affluent countries.

In the future, the next 15 years or so, it is predicted there will be 1 Billion Millionaires in the world, that number isn’t really that impressive because, the population will be over 9 Billion when the time comes. The majority will not be millionaires, it’s just more of what we have today.

In the future of business you will hear a lot about Klout & Influence, social networks are measured with these two terms as a way of determining who’s who. Websites like Klout and others are trying to bring credibility to individuals through mathematical measurements, it’s a digital representation of one’s possible klout & influence, not something human and tangible like integrity. One’s character and integrity should be in the equation somehow, it should be part of Klout & Influence scores in my humble opinion. But how do you measure motive and or doing the right thing, not too mention keeping your word.

Now Klout & Influence are not always related to money, so the number (millionaires) at the top is pretty small. The thing about Klout & Influence is, it wasn’t meant for those who have it. Those who have Klout & Influence are merely stewards of it. It’s really meant for those who don’t have it.

Martin Luther King had Klout & Influence, but he didn’t use it for his own gain, he used it to make the world a better place, more specifically for people that were being exploited, murdered and abused. For all people, not just black people to be blunt.  This individual set an example of how Klout & Influence should be exercised, not hoarded and hidden away for private use, it was and is meant to help and serve others who don’t possess Klout & Influence. Unfortunately, we are greedy, we want more, and we want to be the one who says who can have what and when, we want control. I’m not convinced this is going to change anytime soon, it might change shape, but it will still be a problem for mankind for as long as we are on this earth.

Social Networks has brought out the kinder side of the human race for the most part, we genuinely want to help others, sometimes without expecting anything in return, but the dark side lurks. Unfortunately, there will always be those who take advantage of folks trying to make the world a better place.

The Future of Business, and success, will be measured by Klout & Influence, it’s the way we are headed, and it will be difficult to determine the true sense of the word success. It will be misleading at times, but I think it’s personal, we need to figure out how to link Integrity & good character into the equation. To ensure we are dealing with honorable individuals.

Your Klout & Influence should answer one question in your sphere of influence, your immediate world, How Many People Are Better Off Because You Lived?

I’m willing to wager, the difference between you and a billionaire, is exactly one billion dollars. In roughly 15 years there will be 1 Billion Millionaires on the planet, will you & I be one of them? We are under the mistaken assumption that money makes us happy, yes it makes things easier to pay for and it gives us options, but happiness? Another bet I’m willing to make is, the happiest you have ever felt is when you helped someone financially when they were in hardship, maybe you gave away half of your food supply or bought a meal for someone less fortunate than you. Do billionaires do that?

Just recently, 40 billionaires vowed to give away half of their fortunes, people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, George Lucas, Oracle founder Larry Ellison, Ted Turner and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, just to name a few have stepped up. Imagine giving away half your fortune. That’s 40 Billionaires, based on Forbes magazine’s estimates of billionaires wealth, at least 150 billion US could be given away. These people could shape the future of the world with this money, I hope it happens, and I hope we obliterate world hunger at the same time, it would only take a small percentage of 150 Billion to solve that problem.

Let’s put this in some perspective, there are 403 Billionaires living in the USA, why do we have the problems we do with this much money available. If you the average person had a billion dollars, and you were born with that billion, your life would be somewhat different than it is today. You could spend a $1,000 a day and never spend it all, the average person could not do it. Bill Gates & the Warren Buffett’s of the world could spend a Billion in seconds, but I venture that you and I would have a tough time doing it. Imagine being a billionaire, knowing all the while you couldn’t spend it in your life time. Something would have to change, and that would mean you.

Now ask yourself a question, what kind of person would you become with that kind of money in your hands? I have a good idea, but that’s not where I’m going with this little bitty. I can only hope there is an easy and quick way to get that 150 billion dollars into the hands of those who truly need help. That world hunger would be eliminated, and human suffering could be greatly reduced. Billy Graham once said, there are three things technology has yet to solve:

1.) Human Evil
2.) Human Suffering
3.) Death

The said 150 billion dollars will increase #1 I suspect, #2 could be drastically reduced and #3 may be solved through Nanotechnology in 30 years time. I know we all have uses for large amounts of money at some point in our lives, but how much is enough, and once you have all the toys, what would you need? It gets hard for you & I to spend a Billion once we have a basic needs met. It’s fun to think about, but there are far too many out there who have much less than you and I. Don’t wait for your Billion to make a difference in someones life, DO IT NOW!

If you wish to see the full list of billionaires pledging to giveaway half their fortunes, here’s the site: The Giving Pledge

A few concerns, who will administrate these funds, who will decide where the money goes, and will the money actually get there, I fear bureaucracy will win before people do.

What kind of person do you think you would become if you suddenly became a Billionaire?