It’s simple really, but most of us miss it.

1.) When the idea arrives, you serve the idea.

In order to see it thru, you must be committed to the idea, you serve the idea until it is satisfied. The idea might not be what you had hoped for, but you still must serve it until it’s the best it can be.

2.) You have to feel compelled to tell someone about your idea before you go to bed. That’s how good your idea has to be.

If the idea is the best, and it will work, if it’s a good as you truly believe it is, then you must tell someone…if it’s that good, you won’t be able to help yourself, you’ll be desperately trying to tell someone before you turn in for the day.


YellowBrickRoad-300x168Every year at this time we sit down and make goals, things we want to do, how much money we want to make and so on. Every year goes by and we find ourselves in the exact same position we were in one year ago, it gets frustrating doesn’t it? It’s like we can’t break through the old habits and patterns each of us has, the DNA of our thoughts keeps us from moving forward. Some figure it out, but most don’t, and the cycle starts all over again….we go back to step one and reset the goals only to discover another year has passed and we’re still in the same place we were after doing a reset.

The old saying, ” The definition of insanity is…doing the same things over and over again expecting different results.”

I’m not suggesting you don’t set goals, I am suggesting you set realistic attainable goals.

If you were to look back, go back only 5 years, and then look where you are today, has much changed? If not, your goals and your strategy is not what’s failing you, it’s how you think and how you see. The same thing applies to conferences and events, if you attend the same events every year, and you see the same people there every year, and your business isn’t growing or reaping a benefit from those events, I would suggest it’s time to evaluate those events. The same process should be applied to networking groups, if the same people are there, and business isn’t growing from those people, why go back, you should look at stepping up your networking. Yes, all those people are fun to be with, they’re really nice people, you still have check your indicators.

If you were to go back 10 years, you would see the pattern on a larger scale, you would notice the path you’ve been on. Is or was that path the right path to growing your business, increasing revenue’s, meeting people who move you forward? If yes, then this message is not for you, if No, it would seem you have a serious question to ask yourself. Do you want to change the outcome of the past 5 – 10 years? The best way to change the outcome, you need to change the circles of people you interact with. You need to surround yourself with people who will help you get to the next level.

In many ways, business hasn’t changed in a positive way. What I mean is, there is still far too much resistance to what’s really happening. Here is a challenge for you:

Have you noticed, over the past 5 – 10 years, how many things you used to pay for, are now free. I challenge you to make a list.

Then, review that list and see how many of those things you use in your business.

The list should tell you how much business has changed, you may have to spend some time considering what that change really is.

Every year at this time we have great expectations of how the new year will go, I high suggest you look at how you think about your business, and how business is done in the future. Use foresight as your guide, not your heart, your comfort zone, start looking beyond what you’ve done, and what you’ve had, the problem is usually the same as it has been for the past 5 -1 0 years….you. Take the time to notice the path you’re on.

olivierblanchardI’m not sure why, but it appears to me, those who teach Social Media are really just teaching people how to use the telephone. Eventually, people talk, and figure things out, SM is not that big a mystery. What is a mystery, is how Social Media Guru’s / Experts don’t agree on the Social Media ROI or what they report to clients. Most report the wrong information, and sometimes….it’s reported on purpose. Social Media GURU’s / Experts, this is for you, and for those wanting to learn, some insight from a real professional.

One of my Favorite quotes from the Social Media ROI book by Olivier Blanchard is:

A Social Media Program Manager who only reports on “social media numbers” is just being lazy. Always keep your eye on the business objectives that your social media program is there to support.

– Gaining real-time insights into consumer preferences and perceptions

– Improving the organization’s crisis monitoring and response process

– Increasing the reach of marketing efforts

– Increasing the impact of marketing efforts

– Reducing customer service costs

– Improving customer service outcomes

– Amplifying a campaign’s impact

– Increasing sales through frequency, reach and yield (FRY) methodologies

– Humanizing or otherwise improving the organization’s image in the eyes of consumers

– Helping reverse an event’s negative impact to the brand (such as PR faux-pas, an ecological catastrophe, or an interruption of service)

– Improving customer relations to help increase customer loyalty

If you must report on typical social media metrics such as net new followers, views, likes, subscriptions, mentions, comments, visits, shares, and re-tweets, do so in context.

If you want the book, and I highly recommend it, go here —

I don’t get a kick back, but I do get a name mention in the book, see if you can find it : ) – just buy it, and practice what Olivier preaches.

End of rant : )

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You know the business world is being turned on its head, even the old terms have a new meaning. This is not new, I’ve talked about this before, but today it’s become more real and in your face. Today it’s called pay for performance, the old name was called, “commission”. You got paid a commission for your performance, of what you sold. Today you get paid for something you do, not what you sold. 

Businesses rely on transactions, the old way meant something was sold, a product or service was exchanged for money. Today, money is changing, it’s not hard cash that get’s exchanged, it can be as simple as a barter. It can be a new form of payment, pay with a Tweet, pay with finishing a mission on Empire Avenue, it’s no longer cash as we know it. What we used to call it a favor, is now a new kind of transaction. Today, merely referring someone reaps a reward. Your business now has to find ways to embrace these new transactions….and they aren’t that new, we’ve been doing them most of our lives, they now have a new reward. And I haven’t mentioned Bitcoin yet : )

How do you define pay for performance today, the old way, or the new social way? What do you believe to be the new social currency?