It’s midnight, I’m thinking about the past year, wondering if I made a difference to any business owner in my community, my Twitter followers, my blog readers and….. It’s a fair question, you probably ask yourself the same question many times. In fact, you may spend too much time asking yourself that question. If you truly want to make a difference, Go and make a difference! Go, do that thing you are passionate about, you will touch someone’s life and you probably won’t even know it.

I attend many events in my community, most are surprised when I show up, but I need the interaction with smart people. You can only speak from a stage, from a microphone, a blog, or even a workshop for so long. Eventually, you’ll want to see eyeballs, hear real stories directly from the sources, maybe in their own surroundings. The words Social Media don’t really say enough about what it really means, we tend to forget the “Social” part, but it’s the best part, it’s the awesome sauce.

I have a few social engagements in my calendar for December, maybe we’ll run into each other, and I’ll bet there’s a great story to share. Make sure you step away from the keyboard, better yet, go master the deadlock on your front door and get out and see the people. The people are what makes the Social in Social Media, media is actually cold and unfeeling, why would you want to just do that?

Social Networks are environments, cultures, and places to learn, because that’s where the people are, and no matter how much you avoid it, the Future Of Business means people. You will never have success without them, and what they want from you is simple, they want access to you. They want to know you, even spend time with you, that’s where the real value is, and eventually, the Gold.

When you get around the people, and you are doing what you were meant to do, you are making a difference. So GO! Be a human business, one that connects with others, one that connects businesses, Go and be with the people, help them achieve their goals, and you will be blessed beyond your wildest dreams. Make that your goal for 2012, I hope you do because I can’t wait to hear your story when you do.



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Last year on Dec 6th, 2010 I did a blog post on my goals for 2010, I also challenged you to do the same. Here are my goals from 2010:

My Plans for 2010:

* Increase Public Speaking Engagements – on The New Technology, I.T. Strategies / Planning
* To educate and teach 100 businesses develop an I.T. Strategic Plan. (roughly 8 new businesses per month)
* Develop a video series on developing I.T. Strategic Plans. ( The I.T. Strategic Planning Series)
* Continue working on my next eBook, The New Technology Pt 2. (hope to complete by end of 2010)
* Write more often on my Blog. (daily if possible)
* Get more subscribers on my Blog.
* And of course, increase revenues ( I have to put that on here)

Now goals are important, they hopefully kept you moving in the right direction of your overall business plan. So how did you do? Better yet how did I do? For the sake of transparency, I’ll will list the results of this year.

1.) Increase Public Speaking Engagements – I have averaged 1 per month in 2010, that’s up from two in 2009.

2.) Educate and teach 100 businesses to develop an I.T Strategic Plan – well, I have educated & taught 150 businesses, but more on the Open & Free Business Model than I.T. Strategic Planning. I’ll take it either way.

3.) Develop a video series on developing I.T. Strategic Plans – I started and stopped, I have a face for Radio and I just wasn’t happy with how things were going. maybe I’ll try something different like Slide Shows or Podcasts, maybe Slide Shows with Audio….hmmm. Or, Webinars…what you think?

4.) Continue working on my next Book – I have been working on two books, Part 2 of The New Technology & a new book on The Future of Business – The Open & Free Business Model. This is a work in progress.

5.) Write more often on my Blog – I have increased posting here but not at the level I should me thinks.

6.) Get more subscribers on my Blog – they are up over last year but only marginally – maybe another 30 – I guess I’m not interesting enough.

7.) Increase Revenues – I am very happy to report that I surpassed the previous years revenues by the end of January, so 2010 has been a good year so far. Still not sure what that number is, will know better in Jan 2011. Keep in mind, in 2009 I only made $4,600, that was due to losing 6 months to health issues, that prevented me from working at anything close to full capacity. Also, in 2010 I changed my Business Model – yep, The Open & Free Business Model – and it works!

So, there ya have it. What about you and your goals, how did you do, did you actually set some? If not, how about trying it this year, set some easy & hard goals for 2011, but be realistic too, otherwise you’ll give up.

I’m currently assessing my goals for 2011, you can never have enough positive challenges in front of you. So I challenge you again this year, set some goals and share them, sharing them puts them out there and in front of the world, that way you have accountability.

Good luck and I would love to hear about your goals.

Possibly the third step in your plan will be a category called KRA ( Key Result Areas). This area will be different for each organization, this is due to different infrastructures and software that may already be in place. This is more of an observation and desire to improve on existing services provided by your current I.T. team.

I have listed 5 items below that might be on your list under KRA’s, also keep in mind every experienced I.T. leader will view these items differently and might not agree so try to keep an open mind.

Key Result Area’s

1. Integrate Core Application – you may have multiple applications that don’t speak to each other and you want to solve this short coming.

2. Constituent Self-serve Via the Internet – you may want to give more and easier access to data via the internet to staff.

3. Realign and Train Existing Staff – an obvious one for improving the skill set of all staff members using core applications

4. Improve Support To Field Staff – if you have staff in the field, your goal should be to get them more connected to HQ or central office.

5. Provide a stable IT Infrastructure – this should be an ongoing goal from day one and never end.

I hope that helps you in designing your I.T. Strategic Plan, your list will look different based on organizational needs, but you get the idea.

Feel free to leave questions and comments below, until next time.