I was having breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants, the Roasted Grape, and was talking to the owner about what’s changed, and what is changing in business. Much of it is simple, too me, but there is much that goes into how you should adopt what’s changing. I had my laptop with me this morning and was working on my Social Tool called TweetDeck, he said, that’s alot of action going on there. I said, it’s not as much action as you might think, I am listening, alot. He had a confused look on his face of course. I showed him how I was listening for his business on Twitter, then I smiled.

When people don’t understand, don’t know, they feel helpless and in some cases, stupid. Most business owners don’t like to look like they don’t know, but Matt admitted he is somewhat overwhelmed by all that is changing. So I ask him what two things he felt were game changers in the world, in the history of mankind. He had to stop and think about it, I suggested, The Internet & War.

Think about it, War impacted the entire world, and it changed the world at such a deep level, we still get emotional about it. The Internet has done the same thing, it has changed everything, how we communicate, how we sell, how we  research information, and we look for loved ones hoping we will find them. It’s so huge, the impact of the Internet has changed my working life, it will never be the same, and it’s about to change the way school is done.

The questions then turn to how to use it, how to use it in business. It’s not that complicated really, it just seems that way. My workshops are all about helping business owners wrap their brain around this huge game changer, and social media just complicated it more. Social Media is not new kids, it’s just gone digital, stop complicating the conversation, in fact, it’s not the conversation, it’s where it takes place and who is listening. Everyone!

We are in the middle of a different kind of war today, an information war, a spiritual war, and a war of how we use our time. But we really struggle with how this thing called the Internet impacts our business, how we make our living, it’s a battle.

Don’t let the battle get you down, fight the good fight.

My gift of helps is why I write, why I hold workshops, and why I public speak, I just want to help, make the world a better place. How are you using your gifts, your business, how do these two come together and help fight the war, are you making the world a better place inspite of the war?

I’m not going to beat around the bush here, I spend almost 90% of my time on Twitter, it’s where my research comes from, my business, and most of my relationships. Twitter is the service I use to expand, learn and teach what I do, FaceBook, has it’s place but I rarely spend much time there, why? I use TweetDeck , I feed multiple social networks this way, including FaceBook. Rumour has it TweetDeck is about to be purchased or already has been, by Twitter, that’s good news in my books. Twitter will be able to add so much to the experience of using their real-time service.

The secret sauce if you will, the secret tool is not that secret when trying to maximize Twitter, it’s the search in Twitter that brings the most value in terms of data. If you spend enough time listening in the Twitter search, you start to see trends, interests and needs, businesses don’t pay enough attention there in my humble opinion.

The #FutureOfBusiness hashtag is where I like to hang out, to see what others are saying and thinking about on this topic, we are headed to a day of the open & free business model. But what does that mean really. Does it mean everything is free and open, of course not, it is however, a strategy, a successful business model. So how do all these social networks fit into the equation?

Think about where you do business today, what is the business model you execute today, does it leverage social networks? And if it is, how did you determine which social network to invest your time and money in? I’m almost certain very little research went into that determination, you probably just sensed you should be on FaceBook because most of your friends and business associates said you should be there. When a business owner asks me if they should be on FaceBook or any other social network, I like to ask them why they think they should be there. Almost everytime it has nothing to do with a business case or sound data to backup that question, it is always an emotional reason, like the fear of loss. That’s not new, it’s as old as time that emotion, but it has as much power as worrying, and probably the same results worrying brings you.

So where do you spend your time and money in terms of social networks, and why? The Future Of Business is not social networks, it is however, social & mobile. Social Media is not new, the conversations you and I were having offline our entire life, has merely gone digital, they are now happening on the Internet. The difference, the world can now listen in and share your feelings, spread your conversation everywhere. Everything will create a stream everywhere.

With 3 billion people yet to hit the Internet, being found should be your primary concern, it’s going to get noisier than it is today, findability will determine the life of your business online. The best way to be found, create more content than you consume, then leverage every social network you can to help that cause.

So where do you do business, which social network do you use the most, what is the hardest part about being found for you, how do you get found? I would love to hear your thoughts on findability, not SEO.

I recently signed up at Twitter, so what you say! Most of my experiences on the Internet have been ho-hum for the most part but sometimes I’m entrigued by little things. I put up a Blog some time ago, no marketing no nothing really, I just started writing. I’m currently in between gig’s so to speak and have some time on my hands. I don’t have a business or a plan for that matter but I have been tinkering with the idea. One of the tinkers is registering with Twitter and finding a few people I already know to follow.

One thing leads to another, I get published at Ezinearticles, fine tuned my Blog for low level SEO, posted that I am writing an eBook and visited one interesting website and next thing I knew 30+ people started to follow me on Twitter. Again, so what you say!

Now I have registered with other Social networking tools before and frankly no one came to my Blog unless I personally told them to, putting the link up in various services really didn’t do much good. Until Twitter. Now I realize content matters, who wants to read about my rants on stuff your not interested in, but that’s my point, I write because I like to and I’m not really trying to get traffic. Not on purpose anyway. Having said that, did I mention I was in between gigs? I should try to get traffic and try to earn a living online shouldn’t I? So why am I so hesitant, could it be I just don’t trust Internet Marketer’s telling me how to get rich online? Yep!

Now the tool that has been the most fun to use for me on Twitter is TweetDeck, it takes the pain of having to go to my Twitter homepage to see what’s going on and to post my updates. Well Done! So the problem now is I can’t seem to walk away from Twitter, why? It’s addicting!

Like everything else I’ll get over it because I get bored easily, I’ll find something new to play with and I’ll get fired up and post about it. That’s the best part about Blogging and having your own Blog. Hmmmm, is a Blog a tool or an Addiction, YES!