I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day and we got on the topic of why some entrepreneurs succeed and why others fail. I should premise this with, failing most of the time is a good thing when you are an entrepreneur. Also, the curse of an entrepreneur does not reside in each and everyone, it tends to be found in individuals that believe no one could possibly understand their vision and tend to be an authority on everything.

The curse is simply put, someone (an entrepreneur) who will not listen to input from others, tends to try and do everything themselves, and thinks people are telling them what to do. I might fall into this category on the last point, I can’t name very many people that made me feel good about myself, or helped me get to a place higher than they were. I’ll admit I struggle with being told what to do, that’s why I don’t conform well, to me rules are merely guidelines : ) I just want to get the job done without someone yanking my chain, I’ll bet you feel the same way.

The secret sauce, it’s merely the opposite of the curse, the entrepreneur that finds success more often, listens to a great many people and uses the shopping cart method. The shopping cart method is this, leave on the shelve the things you don’t believe or agree with, take from the shelf what you believe will help you reach your goals or desired vision.

I like to surround myself with great people, not good people, great people, great people who are passionate about what they do, and want to make the world a better place. Great people want to help others accomplish what they thought they couldn’t.

This is just one ingredient to the secret sauce, an ingredient to success as a leader and as an Entrepreneur.

Let me Introduce you to Emilie Wapnick, she is a prime example of what I have been sharing with you here on this blog, what the younger generation thinks, and how they are building the business of the future. Now Emilie is in her mid 20’s and is leading the way for young entrepreneurs, pay attention to what she say’s and how she say’s it.

I contacted Emilie and ask if I could introduce her to you and share something from her site, but mostly I want you listen to her and get to know her before I send you off to visit her site. I think you will be surprised by what she has to say, and you will be even more surprised when you hear about her background and education.

There are many young entrepreneurs out there who believe they can have a lifestyle instead of a work style, that they can experience more than one passion. And they don’t buy the big lie, that you can only do one thing in your life for a profession or vocation. I’m 53 and I believe it! The journey of life is way more interesting than locking into one career, one job, or one trade in my humble opinion. But we were taught by our parents, our schools, and by society, that we had to get a good education, then get that one good job; then everything will be ok. It’s just not  true, because it doesn’t work for many, it does however work for some.

It’s not really about being an entrepreneur, but that’s the term we use to rationalize our gypsy like emotions, we want to follow our passions, we have and can have more than one. Society rejects this model because it lacks what many would call security and control, the truth is, it does provide those things, it’s just different, not wrong.

This is what the future of business landscape looks like, the rules are changing, and how we think about those rules and future matter more than ever. Today we are busting out, we are fighting back the conditioning the Industrial Age has forced us to endure. The Industrial Age is Dead, now lets embrace ambiguity, let’s grab those passions, start your journey, and don’t forget to enjoy the adventure.

Enough from me, let’s get to Emilie.

Here is a snippet from Emilie’s About page:

Hi I’m Emilie,

I’m just a confused 26-year-old from Montreal, Canada, who has decided to never commit to one career path– ever.

I want to travel and live in cute European cities. I want to write and produce a TV show or web series about 20-somethings who move to Berlin to be artists. I want to start a non-profit online art collective. I want to start businesses that are run on principles of permission marketing. I want to surround myself with smart, creative, passionate people. I want to inspire others to break free of the beliefs that limit them.

I believe we all have these false mythologies we have created in our heads about who we think we are. We should be challenging these beliefs and replacing them with more positive ones that reflect the person we choose to be.

Already you’re getting some insight of who she is and what she thinks about her future, but let’s hear it from in this video. This video is taken from her blog, she explains what her site is about.

Are you like Emilie? I am, what you are seeing is a glimpse into the future, what the business owner of the future feels, what they want, but what they don’t want, is what older generations are trying to force them into. As you can see, the future of business is not a skill set or technology, it’s about how we think. What big business is trying to hang onto, these fine young cannibals are pushing back, pushing the paywalls down, and they will rewrite the rules of business, all we older folks have to do is believe in them. What we really have to do is, get out of the way and let them show use a better way. Thanks Emilie for letting us see the future of business.

OK, go visit Emilie’s Blog, you will feel a fresh breeze on your face, not too mention she’s a cool cat. Just follow the link:


In alittle over a week I’ll be speaking at FRESH! Fraser Valley on this very topic, but I thought I would start sharing some thoughts with you now. If you don’t have your ticket, get one, there are some very special people waiting to meet you, and to share.

Those of you who frequent this Blog know that I preach an Open & Free Business Model, and in case you didn’t know, sharing is the foundation of that model. In fact, I would venture to say that this is what business and individuals need to know to shape their futures. In my opinion, sharing is the single most important thing you can do in business, transparent sharing to be more specific. Many times I have been asked, what kind of sharing should I do? To me, the answer is brain dead simple, apparently it isn’t for most.

So, what should you be sharing? In can be as simple as telling your story, tell the story of how your business or product came to life, let people know that your business is human. Keep it simple, take your readers on a journey about your business. This story is the glue to your business and your entrepreneurial success!

Now there’s more to it than just a one time sharing of that story, continue telling the story, tell it as the story grows and changes over the coming months and even years. Don’t brag or sell, just share. It’s really that simple. Draw people in through your story, your readers or followers will know if you’re genuine or not, they’ll sniff out a sales pitch in a heart beat. But they love a good story, and are looking for someplace to hunker down feel welcomed. The story is part of an equation, it’s part of the inbound marketing equation, it’s part of how business will be done in the next 3 – 5 years, it’s also part of a paradigm shift.

Turning the future into revenue means this, pay special attention to whats happening around you and your business. I’m willing to bet that you see more and more businesses sharing as a major component to their success. These businesses are rebuilding, becoming smaller to be able to move faster and add people without adding overhead. Entrepreneurs are the new BIG business, small is big in this new world of business, and these entrepreneurs know how to make sharing a financial success.

Looking at the bigger picture helps you with what you will share, looking ahead, the future is not a one way street; you can shape it with the right strategies, the right tactics, and the right story to share. The question is never where to start, or what to share, it should be, what’s coming and what effect will it have on my business. That’s one part of the paradigm shift, moving from denial to foresight.

Sharing will attract customers, readers and better yet, friends. It can improve your bottomline, it can increase traffic to your businesses website or Blog, and it will most definitely improve your entrepreneurial success. Just tell the story and watch great things happen.

befuddledThe Internet is the new game changer in every possible way for business and individuals, it’s also a problem, because like the town you live in it brings out those looking to take advantage. Imagine a world with no law enforcement and I show you a day where everyone will try to take advantage, not to benefit others but to benefit themselves. It really isn’t much different than today, many don’t value human life the way we used too and we don’t help each other in the way that we should. We are self serving most of the time, we do things because there is something in it for us. Call me a cynic, but, human nature has proven time & time again we are predictable. We prove day in and day out there is good and evil, dumb & smart and there always has to be a winner and a loser.

The flattening of companies and now the world puts an old power in our hands, you & me!  Most of us aren’t equipped to handle this new old power, we will continue to take advantage of others with even more ease. Can we be trusted with this power? Probably not, all you have to do is look at the  history of mankind, how we consume everything in our path including people. We are doing the same thing with the Internet, with Social Media and Blogs, consuming and taking advantage.

The picture isn’t all black but it’s dark, I struggle as I’m sure you do with how the rules are being broken, how they are being changed. This new old power we have at our disposal is a double edged sword, it will work for us and against us.

One of the most disappointing and tiresome problems on the Internet today with Blogs and Social Media, is with the very thing we cherish the most, the content. There is a re-occurring problem that takes the joy out being a Blogger is, Social Media & Blogs are broken.

Social Media is forcing transparency, honesty and do the right thing mentality, this is good right? This by itself is extremely powerful and we will all feel the benefit, but there is a dark side too, some will manipulate and try to take advantage of this very power. Let’s take Blogs for a spin here, there are some incredibly talented people out there writing amazing content and truly have something of value to share with all of us. They write for hours a day, sculpting and carving a message that is meant just for you. You have been hunting for this content, but sometimes, you find it in the most unusual places. Then there are Blogs that don’t write one letter of original content, they claim to be a the best resource on the Internet and all they do is pilfer news sources that auto post to a these Blogs. In essence, gaming the business of Blogging.

The gaming of Social Media has the same issues, Twitter is a great network for connecting with like-minded individuals. You also will find the same links and content posted by millions over and over again, each one thinking they reported it first creating a wall of noise beyond anything you seen or heard before. Every Social Media Network has the same problem and I have to hear of a good solution to solving it. I realize I can’t do much about these problems by myself but I can speak against them and encourage you to do the right thing for you and your business. I to post links to information with the intent that it actually matters to you, not to be the first one to break the story and then watch 250 million others do the same, it defeats the purpose of having a Blog or using Social Media Networks the way they were intended.

I have found that the most common thing being delivered on the Internet is how to make money and get rich by using (buying) someones system, claiming to have done it, only to find out they don’t have a clue how to run a business. They are just doing what someone sold them to do, there are no short cuts my friends so be prepared to pay some kind of price no matter what you do. Don’t get me wrong, we all want to earn a living, but if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

A tip for you. There is a gap between knowing how to do the work of a business and knowing how to run a business. You may not be equipped to be both business owner (Entrepreneur) and the worker (technician), most aren’t.

My point is this, If you are serious about Blogging or being part of media, stop trying to be like mainstream media, report from your part of the world not everyone else’s world. Write about what’s happening to you and your interests. We already get bombarded by the same content over and over through normal news services. Gaming something rarely is a long lasting venture of success, you rarely get or sustain credibility by doing it. If you must use someone else’s work, ask them to help you, ask them to be a guest Blogger or get permission to use their material, have integrity and be known for it. Your original content, your voice, will eventually be heard because no one can write or deliver it the way you can. Whatever it is you are passionate about, do that, be that with all you can muster up to be it and let the quality and sound of your voice be the difference. Don’t set up systems that fail to present your personality and desire to help others. Only you can do that by participating first hand with your blood, sweat and tears. Let us know who you are and see the passion of your heart by being transparent, honest and real. We are waiting for you.

Michael Gerber said it best in his book The E-Myth revisited, many of us think we can run a business better than our boss does because we know how to do the technical work. When that happens we start the self talk, I can do what he or she does better, I know more about this and that, before you know it you have convinced yourself you should step out on your own and setup shop. That is called the Entrepreneurial Seizure.

The truth is, just because you know how to do the work does not mean you know how to run a business! The gap between a technician and an entrepreneur is huge, failing to see this gap is why the majority of all small businesses fail. Even at my age I am embarrassed to say I didn’t see the problem earlier in my life, my father, (may he rest in peace) always said, ” I can do anything another man has done”. Was he talking about the Entrepreneur or the Technician? The technician of course.

Deciding to go into business for yourself takes serious work, take the time to do a good plan an take an inventory of yourself, strengths, weaknesses and so on. There are many ways to do this inventory but if you read Michael’s book you will find you have a bigger problem lying inside of you. There is a fight that takes place in everyone who has this seizure, there is a way to win the fight but it’s not for the weak of heart. Till next time.