The story of a 9 year old boy collecting food for the Kamloops Food Bank because someone burned the storage facility to the ground, is a Noble work, admirable even, but why hasn’t the city and or the community stepped up? Why should a 9 year old have to show the rest of the town what should be done by us grown ups?

If we all believe we are supposed help your neighbor, feed & clothe the poor, what are we waiting for, a 9 year old to step up? As you can sense by my language I’m a little annoyed that no one else has come forward to help the Kamloops Food Bank.

So with that in mind, I’m going to invite you to support your local food bank. On August 31st, I am holding a TweetUp at the Roasted Grape in Abbotsford from 4PM – 7PM. This will be a fund raiser in the form of food, so bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the Abbotsford Food Bank. So if you’re local to Abbotsford (less than 2 hours away) stop in and meet great people, and help those in need.

I hope you will step up and support those in need by supporting your local food bank, next time you are shopping for food, buy something extra and take it to your local food bank. It’s, a small thing, but you will make the world a better place for someone struggling to find a meal.


On August 31st, the TweetUp is at the Roasted Grape in Abbotsford from 4PM – 7PM. The Roasted Grape is located on the corner of Montrose & Fraser Way in the OLD Bank Of Montreal building in Abbotsford.

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The Future Of Business – The World Population. As each hour, day, month, and year passes, the world population continues to grow at an exponential rate. That rate is made even more alarming when you consider the amount of land used to grow food for this growing population. It is even more alarming when you consider the amount of water needed to sustain the population in the next 20 years.

This illustration should also make you think about your business community, how do you become part of the solution, how do stop consuming and start providing. Your personal survival and your businesses survival will look the same in many ways. We should be helping each other, rather than trying to get as much as we can from each other.

Here is an interesting video to help you see the population growing before your eyes:

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When simple & brilliant collide. You would think this happens often, but it doesn’t. In the marketing world, this collision would be called a homerun, the grand slam, or utopia, that’s when they think they have nailed it. When you hear the words, or see the picture, you can’t help but smile.

The word KitKat, or seeing a picture of one, just makes you feel good, you want to have one. Could you imagine if everyone felt this way when they think of your product or service?

The super stars tend to have this collision more often than most, that’s why they are the leading brands, they bring simple and brilliant together, often.

What do you feel when you see this picture above, do you think the marketing department knows what they are selling? Is it a chocolate bar, or a feeling you get when you eat one?

I just had to share this with you, it’s simple & brilliant. The future of your business should practice this, how could you bring simple & brilliant together for your product or service?

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