A number of months ago my friend Shari Weiss (an online friend) requested an interview, I said sure! Our schedules weren’t lining up to well for a short while but the interview finally took place, and I am going to share it with you here.

Shari is a Social Media Maven if you will, she teaches this misunderstood arena, there’s so much we don’t understand about this space. I actually met Shari on FriendFeed a few years ago, we got connected through a chat with Robert Scoble, and we have been chatting regularly since that squable.

Shari can also be found on LinkedIn she loves to discuss Social Media at length, be sure to ask her about her group as well, and tell her Owen sent you there.

I hope you enjoy and learn something from the interview, more importantly, I want you to think. Here is the link to Shari’s website where you can read the entire interview, enjoy:


Sharisax Is Out There

Join me on a journey down the Social Media Revolutionary Road

The Internet world new this day was coming, Apple was going to make this huge announcement that was going to revolutionize how we use the Internet. Everyone who is anyone in the technology sector has been talking about this for weeks, and the day has come and it will soon be gone. You will read thousands upon thousands of new articles, Blog Posts and Video’s on this new thing called the iPad. It’s priced at $499.00 USD, screen size is 9.7″ and so on, if you have an iPhone you probably won’t want one of this slick machines. In fact, it looks just like a biggie sized iPhone!

Leo LaPorte said that he has never seen so many people at an Apple Announcement, everyone was there were his words. That’s not entirely true because I wasn’t there! I was there via the Internet and I thought I would share with you how these events will be attended in the future.

I sat here in my home office, openned my browser (FireFox), brought up Leo laporte’s Live.Twit.tv and watched Leo’s version of the event via his show. I also had FriendFeed open and watched Robert Scoble’s Stream, plus, Robert did a live UStream.tv stream at the same time! I got everything I need by following the #iPad & #AppleLive HASH on Twitter as well, I am fully informed.

I expect in the future this is how many people will attend Conferences and major announcements, why pay for parking, hotel and so on when you can get LIVE coverage via the NET? I recognize it’s not the same thing as being there, but it’s far more cost effective. I am however, very disappointed that the broadcast of the event by Apple or lack of one was so poor in quality. They have more cash than Microsoft does, they can afford to stream this better, or maybe the CLOUD can’t handle the load? What will happen when more than 10% of the world gets online for FREE?

How did you watch the Apple Event?

RobertscobleI truly enjoy Robert’s perspective on Technology and Social Media, not too mention he is fun to follow on FriendFeed & Twitter too. Robert is very helpful if you approach him the right way, I find him to be respectful, approachable, a solid resource and entertaining. 🙂 In May of this year (2009) Robert Scoble posted an article on his Blog called Exploring The 2010 Web, he covers a number of points on what the 2010 Web is and or is going to be.

Here are the Attributes he listed for us,

Web 2010

1.) It’s Real-Time

2.) It’s Mobile

3.) It’s decentralized

4.) Pages now built out of pre-made blocks.

5.) It’s Social

6.) It’s Smart

7.) Hybrid Infrastructure

I linked to his article above so you can read his definitions in more detail.

Now I agree with Robert’s list for the most part with some additions, I know he knows what I’m adding is coming and he probably will be one of the first (early adopter’s) to play with the new toys. This is not an exhaustive list but you’ll get the picture of our where we are headed.

Here are my additions and I like to call,

Web 2012

1.) In 2012 you will be able to buy off the shelf a computer (device) that can compute faster than the human brain.

2.) Virtual Reality is where we will spend our leisure time

3.) We will not use keyboards, voice recognition will be our method of instructing our device’s what to do

4.) Tower’s will cease production

5.) Laptop production will be vastly reduced

6.) Wireless devices will be integrated into eye care (Glasses and Contact Lenses)

7.) iPHONE’S & BlackBerry type devices will also be greatly reduced in size

When it’s all said and done, you merge these two lists and you have considerable change ahead of us. We are entering an era where Nanotechnology and Virtual Reality will make exponential strides in development and growth, unlike anything we have ever seen. How we communicate will continue to change, communities will continue to grow as we the people take back big business.

I wonder what else might take place in the next 2 – 5 years?