You will see and hear a great deal about how to make 2016 your best year ever, how it’s gonna be so awesome, and you’re gonna be so great! Oh, dare I forget famous : )

I’ll assume you’re sensing my sarcasm. I do like new beginnings, I do find the beginning of a new year some what fascinating, I get a small charge internally. My welcoming 2016 has very little to do with me, having said that, I will accept anything positive and good that comes my way. But the truth is, some things will not be good, and some things will not go the way I wish or want them to. The same will most likely happen for you. So learn from the negative and teach your positives, and maybe even give it away.

We do tend to apply the new year thing to our personal desires, dreams, and sometimes goals. After all, we all want more, we all want many good things to happen, so we have this overwhelming amount of hope and the turn of each year, and we should! But not for personal reasons, I believe we have huge problems to solve, not just for me, but for all of us, we need to think terms of all, just you or me. If we focus on the great good, how all can benefit, the odds are many of the dreams and desires will come to us, because we took our eyes off us and put them on those around us.

Today we think of the future in terms of technology rather than in real-time, hands on things, helping those less fortunate than ourselves, sacrificial giving, putting others before yourself. I remember my parents telling me that when they were teaching me about sharing with others. When I speak of the future, or the future of business, the core value in my heart is about how we all benefit, we all gain a greater sense of worth from whatever is being built, designed, invented, and that we all have some sense of an ROI (Return On Investment). So let me begin….

This year, this new year called 2016 will be the year of Virtual Reality, many will be consumed by it. It will be a huge draw for sure, the amusing side of it will keep you coming back for more. The unknown, and the possibilities will be the bigger deal. Like most things, for every equal good, there is an equal bad. Much of that will reveal itself before the year’s end. There will some really interesting applications for VR, Real Estate comes to mind immediately, it will be the end of QR Codes.

I also plan to continue my studies on the future of business, what does it look like, what does it mean to you the business owner, and how can you truly apply and understand the Open & Free Business Model. I have said it many times, the Open & Free Business Model is not about working for free or giving away everything, it’s a much bigger way of thinking. The idea is about the future, your future clients and customers, and yes many have told me it will never work…..many are proving me right, and I have shared many stories here on this blog of how many are participating in the model without realizing that’s what they are doing.

There is so much to share, and so much to talk about, it will never ever be put to paper or a blog fast enough, or clear enough….you have to get involved, and learn how to change the way you think about business in 5 – 10 years, more importantly, in the next 3 – 5 years. You already know there is a shift taking place, and many of you are resisting it, fighting tooth and nail to keep doing what you’ve always done, and thinking the same way year in and year out. Enough of me lecturing, I encourage you to take baby steps, learn something new about the Open & Free Business Model everyday, I’ll help you wrap your brain around it. I’m planning webinars, workshops, public speaking events, and if all goes well a book you can sit down and work through.

So welcome 2016, but do it for everyone that is a customer of yours, a client, and friend, a neighbour, do it for others, not just for you. Use your influence and hope for others, that’s what it’s truly for, you’ll be just fine if you practice. Always ask yourself the question, How many people are better off because you lived? Imaging the great things you’ll invent, the great things you will do to make the world a better place. I challenge you to welcome 2016 with that mindset, with that heart.

Welcome 2016!


The Internet has changed how we view our world, it has changed how we spend our time and our money, and it has most definitely changed the way we do business. The future of business is getting more and more sci-fi, it’s hard to compute (no pun intended), but we are headed to a world we used to watch in movies.

Get ready for Facebook‘s virtual currency, Facebook Credits, will become the official coin of the realm beginning July 1, 2011. Imagine that, being able to purchase products and services with Twitter and FaceBook Credits, next you will be able to pay your mortgage with those credits. I’m all for that. In fact, in November 2010 The Dallas Mavericks Basketball team offered Free FaceBook Credits for Twitter Followers. Soon you and I will be able to make direct deposits to our bank accounts without ever having to go there, you will do it on your mobile device anytime, anywhere. Payroll direct deposit is archaic compared to the swipe technology of today. You will also make most of your purchase with this swipe technology on your smart-phone, it is predict 60% of all commerce will be done in this fashion.

The real future of business will be Virtual Reality and Hologram technology, but that technology is still developing, we will shop in our homes and never have to go out into the masses of people. Imagine being able to try on clothes without ever actually having to try on clothes, say what! Social Networks will handle all the market research, the data will be staggering, there’s a business to start, organize all that data and sell it back to the business sector. eMarketer has a similar model, they are a great resource but, you better have some coin to get the real valuable data. As Gerd Leonhard of The Futures Agency says, Data is the New Oil.

We are moving to a place where you can’t hide, you can’t lie, and you can’t have a bad product or service if you want to survive in this new business landscape. The world is becoming more and more mobile and social, that’s a hot tip for you right there.

So how do you succeed in the future of business? At a high level it’s simple really, grow bigger ears, get very mobile and social, and above all else, engage with the people formerly known as consumers, it’s not business as usual kids, pay attention. The business landscape is getting more open & free, that’s the business model, Open & Free. It’s an access first society, people want access more than they ever want to be sold and forced to pay upfront. Figure out how to give people access, and you will find the revenue follows, the toll booth is no longer at the front gate, it should be almost invisible and seamless.

Would you make purchase with Twitter and FaceBook Credits?

We will have to unlearn much of what we understand about I.T. Strategic Planning, the landscape is a never ending body of movement, change and definition, static rules are no longer useful. Much of what we know is in the control model, we build closed systems to protect data and deflect those who wish see it. In the future much of this data will not be behind walls, much of it will be readily available for consumption. Data that is not for consumption by the world will still need to be kept safe, but for the most part, it will be available.

Depending on how your organization is structured, bricks & mortar, I.T. Teams already in place, you will still have to adopt to the new Open & Free Business Model and wireless connectivity. Content normally consumned will conitinue, some content that was not available will find it’s way out into the open.

If you ask CIO’s today what the landscape will look like in the 5 – 10 years they probably can’t tell you. Why? If the exponential growth of technology is to continue we will have to learn or find a way to think exponentially, not continue in our linear fashion. Information Technology is going 2,4,8,16 and 30 steps later you are at a billion. The growth rate is impossible to keep up, let alone predict what we will or won’t be able to do in the next 10,20,30, to 50 years. Many of us might not be here to witness the true Matrix like living, but Virtual Reality will seem more real than the reality you live today. How do we plan for Virtual Reality?

I.T. Strategic Planning in the future will have to embrace more open business models and develop for everything mobile, infact, you should be doing that today! Simple things like the need for tech support will be gone, you won’t need to budget for personal, you will only need to budget for nanotechnology that will seemlessly fix problems, because we will all be connected. Remote access won’t exsist as we know it, it will just happen, and authentication won’t be necassary because clearance will be built in. The current framework won’t work for your organization 5 years from now. CIO’s will have to view everything with bionic contact lenses, where everything technology is about being mobile, embedded into eye care, and handheld devices. In the far future we will all become wireless devices and be seemlessly connected to the data we need.

The I.T. Strategic Planning steps I have made available here on my Blog, work for todays business models, but in the next 3 – 5 years they will fail because the plans won’t scale. There are 1.7 Billion on the Internet today, over the next 5 years that number will grow to 5 Billion, has your current I.T. Strategic Plan factored in this large growth already? What does that kind of growth mean to your organization, and how does it impact your I.T. Strategic Planning?

You may understand what your organization needs today, but are you looking out far enough, do you have enough information to show executives what is coming, I’m not convinced most CIO’s are looking. The future of I.T. Strategic Planning will no longer start will the 1st building block, we are way past that now, we will be building ontop of what we have already.

Remember, you don’t know what you don’t know, we can’t see the details of what’s coming but we know something far bigger is coming, and it’s not a small home network. I spend a great deal of time looking at the future and I work backwards to present day, that’s where helping you figure things out gets interesting. Creative ideas on how to adapt new technologies, how to use them and how they will improve revenues is where you should invest your time.

I.T. Strategic Planning is morphing, changing shape, are you fighting it or going with it? I would love to hear your thoughts on the future of I.T. Strategic Planning.

Back in 1994 the world was on fire for the World Wide Web, thinking then that we have finally found something that was going to change the way we worked and lived. Well, that’s partly true, we can do things we couldn’t do before, but it also didn’t save us time on a personal level. Technology merely allowed us to get more done in a day, we’re still working ridiculous hours each week. What happened, we didn’t see the crash that was coming. Today everyone is embracing Social Media as if it was 1994 all over again, bragging about those organizations that have embraced this environment and are having success. Many think that they have figured it out and will be the example for the rest of us. I believe we are wrong yet once again.

I’m 52 years old, allot has changed in my lifetime alone, Microsoft was birthed the year I graduated, 1975. I remember the introduction of Texas Instruments first handheld calculator, it was clunky and huge just like the first cell phones. Tape recording machines were as big as a suit case, 10 1/2 inch reels of tape spun forever. In the last 5 years, we have almost connected every person in North America via the Internet, 340 Million people use the Internet on this Continent. It’s amazing isn’t it, and yet we still don’t see what’s coming.

In the past 5 years Social Media has made it’s presence known, early adopters tried to tell us about it but we didn’t have time for it. Now we live on FaceBook and others like it, we can connect and talk with anyone who shows up. This phenomenon is also creating challenges for the Corporate world, we are moving away from a business model of control, that scares the daylights out of them. Control implies order, out of control means KAOS!

Today there are 1.7 Billion people on the Internet, that’s 25.6 % of the worlds population. Google is planning to send up 16 Satellites to provide free Internet access to parts of the world not connected today. Imagine if you will, if in the next 3 – 5 years, we were to have 5 Billion people connected on the Internet. How will the Internet look to you then, how are you using it now, will you change what you are doing, and how will we handle the problem of bandwidth? Imagine a day when Internet access is free, or covered in your property taxes. Have you spent time looking ahead, I do, and I can tell you, The world is coming, are you ready, will you be ready?

The Internet is moving away from computers as we know them, everything is going mobile, wireless handheld devices, and in the near future you will spend most of your time in Virtual Reality. The way we do business is changing yet once again, where a conversation is the sell, not the product or service. We are moving into a way of work where collaboration is required to build anything, we will coordinate and cultivate, we will change the way we organize our work. This broadband culture, click to get, access will come before ownership, the value of money will have to be re-determined and so on. We are slowly moving to an Open & Free Business Model, this will be a painful shift, it means the opposite of what we are doing now for the most part. Attention will be the new currency. Trust will be everything.

The World is Coming, Will You Be ready?

RobertscobleI truly enjoy Robert’s perspective on Technology and Social Media, not too mention he is fun to follow on FriendFeed & Twitter too. Robert is very helpful if you approach him the right way, I find him to be respectful, approachable, a solid resource and entertaining. 🙂 In May of this year (2009) Robert Scoble posted an article on his Blog called Exploring The 2010 Web, he covers a number of points on what the 2010 Web is and or is going to be.

Here are the Attributes he listed for us,

Web 2010

1.) It’s Real-Time

2.) It’s Mobile

3.) It’s decentralized

4.) Pages now built out of pre-made blocks.

5.) It’s Social

6.) It’s Smart

7.) Hybrid Infrastructure

I linked to his article above so you can read his definitions in more detail.

Now I agree with Robert’s list for the most part with some additions, I know he knows what I’m adding is coming and he probably will be one of the first (early adopter’s) to play with the new toys. This is not an exhaustive list but you’ll get the picture of our where we are headed.

Here are my additions and I like to call,

Web 2012

1.) In 2012 you will be able to buy off the shelf a computer (device) that can compute faster than the human brain.

2.) Virtual Reality is where we will spend our leisure time

3.) We will not use keyboards, voice recognition will be our method of instructing our device’s what to do

4.) Tower’s will cease production

5.) Laptop production will be vastly reduced

6.) Wireless devices will be integrated into eye care (Glasses and Contact Lenses)

7.) iPHONE’S & BlackBerry type devices will also be greatly reduced in size

When it’s all said and done, you merge these two lists and you have considerable change ahead of us. We are entering an era where Nanotechnology and Virtual Reality will make exponential strides in development and growth, unlike anything we have ever seen. How we communicate will continue to change, communities will continue to grow as we the people take back big business.

I wonder what else might take place in the next 2 – 5 years?