Here at I have my own voice, I talk about other people’s work, I even applaud them, but I try to give you my voice, even if I agree with the others I promote. Even if there is a guest post, if you know me, you know what I like and what I am looking for. The truth is, most bloggers don’t create, they borrow, they beg, and even steal, it’s like they don’t have an original thought of their own.

Let me give you an example of what’s bothering me, and why I’m writing this blog post. I will write in general terms, because I know you’re not all guilty.

I read 200 – 400 pieces a day, not everyday, but most days, I read these pieces in Google Reader. Yep, I follow many of you, your RSS feeds, and something has been happening out there that has lead me to believe, that either you don’t have an original thought of your own, or you have been sucked in by mainstream media & big business.

Since Steve jobs passed away, all everyone writes about is Steve Jobs! Most of you never met him, but you write about him like you did. And frankly, it shows a lack of respect when you do this, you are merely drawing attention to yourself. Most likely for the wrong reasons. I mean no disrespect for Mr. Jobs, but come on people.

Another consistent thing that happens, and this really gets me going, we write about social networks, we compare them, we complain about them, and we keep score like we have some input or control over these free services. How did that happen, how is it that we actually believe we own these networks, because we use them? We don’t run them, if we did, things would be different now wouldn’t they.

It seems to be a waste of time in my humble opinion, I’m being sucker punched by writing this, the mainstream has sucked me in, and now I’m giving it my attention! The HELL! I would rather we all paid more attention to our businesses as if we cared about the betterment of mankind. All this technology is not all that important that it consumes our writing too, or is it?

So what’s my point? I could easily tell you to go read everything written by Seth Godin, that most likely would be enough. The truth is, IAuthor Seth Godin at PDF 2007

want you to fight off mainstream media and big mainstream business, and have an original thought of your own. As Seth said, GO! Let’s hear your voice, let’s hear your story, not the regurgitation of everyone else’s version of something they most likely no nothing about.

The Future Of Business will not change until the behaviour changes first, but only you can do that, only you can do it, how? Speak, your own voice, write your own voice, share things that matter to you, that are real and in your face issues. Just remixing someone else’s version is not your voice, it’s just another way of gaming the system. There’s no integrity in that, be heard, share your feelings, share your story, and let the world know who you are. Show us all that you are a real person, and you have a powerful story to tell, one from your side of the table, that no one else could write or share.

So I beg you, fight off Mainstream Media, Mainstream BIG Business, don’t let them draw you in, stand strong and let your voice be heard, GO and make a difference, GO and change your world. Maybe even change mine, because you shared all that you could share. In fact, write a book!

Try to visualize how you want your business to be, to interact with consumers, how you listen to them, even visualize the lifestyle you want to have, right down to how many hours a day you actually want to work. Is the path you’re on today taking you there, are you telling anyone about your vision, are you taking the right steps to be that business of your future.  If so, carry on. If not, STOP and make a new plan, but share your vision, and let’s here your voice.

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RobertscobleI truly enjoy Robert’s perspective on Technology and Social Media, not too mention he is fun to follow on FriendFeed & Twitter too. Robert is very helpful if you approach him the right way, I find him to be respectful, approachable, a solid resource and entertaining. 🙂 In May of this year (2009) Robert Scoble posted an article on his Blog called Exploring The 2010 Web, he covers a number of points on what the 2010 Web is and or is going to be.

Here are the Attributes he listed for us,

Web 2010

1.) It’s Real-Time

2.) It’s Mobile

3.) It’s decentralized

4.) Pages now built out of pre-made blocks.

5.) It’s Social

6.) It’s Smart

7.) Hybrid Infrastructure

I linked to his article above so you can read his definitions in more detail.

Now I agree with Robert’s list for the most part with some additions, I know he knows what I’m adding is coming and he probably will be one of the first (early adopter’s) to play with the new toys. This is not an exhaustive list but you’ll get the picture of our where we are headed.

Here are my additions and I like to call,

Web 2012

1.) In 2012 you will be able to buy off the shelf a computer (device) that can compute faster than the human brain.

2.) Virtual Reality is where we will spend our leisure time

3.) We will not use keyboards, voice recognition will be our method of instructing our device’s what to do

4.) Tower’s will cease production

5.) Laptop production will be vastly reduced

6.) Wireless devices will be integrated into eye care (Glasses and Contact Lenses)

7.) iPHONE’S & BlackBerry type devices will also be greatly reduced in size

When it’s all said and done, you merge these two lists and you have considerable change ahead of us. We are entering an era where Nanotechnology and Virtual Reality will make exponential strides in development and growth, unlike anything we have ever seen. How we communicate will continue to change, communities will continue to grow as we the people take back big business.

I wonder what else might take place in the next 2 – 5 years?