For those of you who visit regularly you probably already noticed, but for those of you who check once and a while and or maybe once a year, I’ve made one big change and added a few more things for you to get in to.

The first big news for 2010, I made the move to Headway Themes (affiliate link) instead of Thesis, I just love it, the Visual Editor is simply amazing and allows you to make changes on the fly.

With that in mind, you will see on the Menu an item called Headway, there you will find a video that gives you a snapshot of how great the theme is. Also, I have put a link to their website (it’s my affiliate link), yes, I am more than happy to endorse and promote Headway Themes. You should too!

Many of you know I’m all about I.T. Strategic Planning, I have added a new page with a high-level view of what your I.T. Strategic Plan might look like, also, I have provided you with all the links to the posts I wrote to help you build your own I.T. Strategic Plan. I hope it works for you, and of course, I’m available to help you should you need me.

I hope you like the new look and feel of my Blog, it’s not labour intensive anymore, thanks to Headway Themes.

Take a look around, if you see something wrong and or something you would like to see on the Blog, Let me know ASAP.

Until next time.

The question was raised to me today, do I give disclosure on products and services I promote and or sell? I said yes, well I try too, if there is an affiliate link in a post, I usually put in brackets beside the link like the following: (Affliate Link) Unless it’s a graphic advertisment on the sidebar you should see the disclaimer. Is that giving disclosure, or is it a warning? It really doesn’t matter, I will not promote something I don’t believe brings value, if I don’t believe it’s any good, how will I convince you it is?

Now my understanding is that in the mighty US of A you now must give disclosure, I’m Canadian and that particular law does not apply (YET!). Yes, it will eventually make it’s enforcement here in Canada but as of this writing it has not been put into action.

Anyway, I have decided to go a step further and post on a seperate page my disclosure on all affilaite relationships currently in place with Owen Greaves Consulting. You will find it under the About Owen Greaves menu item, and it’s called Disclosure. (not an affiliate link)

I hope this will suffice all the ney say’rs out there.

For years I have held off paying for a theme for my blog because I like free. What I have learned is that free themes are bare bones and usually clone in nature. Having just purchased the Headway Theme after considerable deliberation, OK, I was being all wishy washy on the decision but I eventually did it.

This isn’t a review of the Headway Theme, I’m just sharing how easy it was for me to make the transition. Virtually pain free, I had to learn where things were located and the order in which the Visual Editor likes to function, but that didn’t take long. In fact, I was able to make the shift in a few hours last night, today I have been tweaking the small stuff.

Yes, I am endorsing Headway Theme because of its ease of use, and you will see much thought that was put into it, feature rich, and simplistic in nature. You don’t need to be a coder of any kind, just learn the tools and you can build a slick looking site in no time at all.

I love how each page is treated individually, the sidebar is not automatically assigned to all pages in your blog, you get full control over that Leaf. You can duplicate your Homepage Leaf and place it on specific pages within your Blog, just a couple clicks and you’re done!

I made the shift, please take a look at my Blog and let me know what you think (unless its negative). Just kidding. I’ve tried to keep it clean and simple, I am considering a background on the Banner but that will have to wait, I have to run off to a meeting.

I highly recommend you consider purchasing a Headway Theme (Affiliate Link), you can find them here.

So what do you think of my new theme?

Most business owners implement systems that solve problems, sometimes they do it without looking into who they ask to help solve this problem or problems. It happens because there is a precieved urgency, something that just can’t wait and must be solved immediately. So let me ask you, is that any different than impulse shopping? Yes & No.

I’ve learned over my 50+ years that most things can be solved by slowing down and thinking through the challenges rather than making a knee jerk reaction to something that is most likely not that urgent. Sometimes the problem or need isn’t urgent at all, it’s just a need and you fill it without making sure that the person or thing is actually qualified to fill that need. Worse yet, how far in the future are you looking when you do hire someone to fill a role or fulfill a need?

Most business owners don’t look past their own sphere of influence when hiring or solving a problem, I’m generalizing of course but you know business owners that do just that everyday. A problem I see and have yet to figure out a solution is, how to grab the business owner before they make these kinds of decisions. If you have influence, credibility and you know how to help them, then you have a chance. The bigger problem, how do they find out about you? That’s another topic of discussion.

So business owners, please take the time to look more closely, so you actually solve the precieved urgency and or hire the right people. Hasty decisions cost you, how you make decisions in your business speaks volumes to the outside world and your accountant.

What do you think?

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Owen Greaves Consulting.

I spent many years just winging it, just responding to what felt right and mostly what felt good, sound familiar?  I have found that there are more business owners, check that, most people were doing the same thing. As I mentioned in my previous post, we spend more time planning a two week vacation than we do our careers and our lives. Why is that? I suspect due to a lack of knowledge, a poor understanding of what’s at stake here….it’s your life and you only get one chance to do it. Enough about that, I want to share with you what drives me and what my vision for Owen Greaves Consulting is for 2010.

I have met and worked for many, many business owners, CIO’s, COO’s, and they all struggle with the same things for the most part. They know what they want to do, but don’t really know how to build and implement a strong I.T. Plan. I.T. visionaries are way ahead of the rest of the organization, think of a funnel, you have a narrowing in the middle, a wide open area at one end and small opening at the other end. The visionary is out in the wide open section and instructs back to the small opening at the other end to do this or that. A short period of time goes by and he / she is frustrated because what they saw and instructed is not done. Why?


The workers back at the small opening can’t see the big picture through the narrow opening in the middle, they don’t see what the visionary see’s way out there, they can’t even see where he is. The problem is at the narrow opening in the middle right? There has to be someone there that can clearly articulate what the visionary wants done back to the people (workers) in the small opening at the back. You might say things get lost in translation, it can happen if the person in the middle does not clearly understand what the visionary wants!

So what does this have to do with my vision for 2010. It’s obvious to me that there is a bigger problem than the funnel, it’s the man in the middle. Having someone who can build the plan so the workers can get done what the visionary wants completed. My vision, to help that person or organizations with a simple way to build that Strategic Technology Plan and to ensure that all businesses indeed do have a plan. Most don’t, they rely on internal staff, staff that don’t know how to build a plan because they are frankly too close to the problem(s). Most business owners think they know how, but they all too often are using the wrong filters to truly understand what the I.T. Plan should look like and be. Some of the smartest business people in the world don’t fully understand what needs to be in the I.T. Strategic Plan, hence they should hire the right people and or consultants to help build that strategy. No matter how big or small your business is, you should have a good plan on how technology will drive your business.

Most organizations have not documented what thier business processes are! How could they possibly know which software application, payroll, HR, CRM software and what have you to implement if they don’t know each and every process it takes to get the job done in a day. My goal is to ensure as many businesses / owners as possible have a good I.T. Plan. This has very little to do with Social Media but it has much to do with Technology overall. Social Media happens to be a large part of my work at the moment and it’s the hot topic of discussion everywhere I go.

My Plans for 2010:

  • Increase Public Speaking Engagements – on The New Technology, I.T. Strategies / Planning
  • To educate and teach 100 businesses develop an I.T. Strategic Plan. (roughly 8 new businesses per month)
  • Develop a video series on developing I.T. Strategic Plans. ( The I.T. Strategic Planning Series)
  • Continue working on my next eBook, The New Technology Pt 2. (hope to complete by end of 2010)
  • Write more often on my Blog. (daily if possible)
  • Get more subscribers on my Blog.
  • And of course, increase revenues ( I have to put that on here)

If you don’t have a list of items or targets, stop right now and make one…make two! What are you aiming for in 2010 and how do you plan to hit your targets? Better yet, what’s your I.T. Strategy for 2010?

I can see a problem with my list already, if I want to be successful, I have to find a few things to not consider doing. I may have to hire or partner up if I want to achieve all my goals.

What’s On Your List?